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Who's YOUR God?

Ok, since it's Saturday, and it's raining and I'm feeling all analytical and interested again thanks to my happy pills! (3 cheers for Ritalin), I have an extension of my prior discussion on my atheism.

I've always been intrigued and rather envious of faith-the kind of faith that keeps people warm, and keeps that light in their eyes, without weakening them.

So my questions for all of you, regular readers or passers-by:

"Why do you believe? What do you believe exactly? What was the moment when you "faced/met/found" your God(s)? How does it sustain you today? What does your heaven look like?"

I'm trying to answer some rather vague and intangible questions about faith that I have had lately, questions I can't quite form yet. I find the question of faith incredibly interesting-half of me would like to get a degree in Theology to understand all this, which to me, is a slipperier slope than most other questions...

thanks guys

I was brought up in a Christian family, but that didn't mean anything to me. My dad left us while I was still young, I don't even know what he looks like. My mum raised me until I was about 6, and because of financial difficulties I lived with one of her closest friends in another city.

To cut to the chase, as a child I never had much contact with my real parents. So I really had trouble trusting anyone or caring for anyone. When I was about 13 or 14 God spoke to me and said that "Victor I care for you and I am always here waiting for you to let me in". That night I received Jesus into my life and to be the ruler of my life. Since then He has blessed me tremendously.

I don't have much time now, but I'm glad you brought this up because I've actually been thinking about this lately, i.e. my personal testimony. I'll write the extended version in my blog later.

I was raised catholic, but lost faith in that pretty much as soon as I was old enough to think. And now? I don't know. I consider myself Agnostic, I guess, if you wanna label it. I don't preach to people because I think everyone has the right to figure out their own beliefs. So I have littel respect for those who preach or try to convert me to other religions.

I beleive in Karma. I don't beleive in the Bible, or heaven, or hell, or anything like that. But I do beleive in a higher power. Not sure what that IS exactly. Just a higher power. A reason for all that happens. I'm sure everything happens for a reason, basically. Another strong belief of mine is that I don't believe in killing or harming another living creature (ANY creature... whether it be a human being or a bug, they don't deserve to die unless they cause me or mine harm)

That's my rant for today. lol

Have a good one!

I will simply answer your questions without a lot of background except to say that I was at one time agnostic. I believe that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, is God incarnate (he was fully God and fully man, God in the flesh during his 33 years here), and that His life was fulfilled through His crucifixion and death on a cross. I believe He is risen from death and His life, death, and resurrection was to reconcile me to God through the forgiveness of my sins. That's a lot to swallow, and impossible to understand or believe, or even grasp outside of a spiritual mindset. Why do I believe? Because it gives me hope and strength. It is not something I can rationalize because it's totally irrational. The mysteries of God can only be revealed to us by His Spirit, according to scripture. But I do know this...that since March 3, 1985, in a church service in Texas, I have been on a long spiritual journey and allowing God, through Jesus Christ and His Spirit, guide me, lead me and direct me. Honestly, I've still done stupid things. I still make mistakes. My life is not perfect, nor will I try to convince anyone that the forgiveness and redemption I have experienced will make their life perfect in any way. If anything, my life has been challenged, sometimes to my limits of pain, but I have peace. Pure peace, and it's nont anything like what I had before I met Christ.
I write a lot about my struggles in my blog. Sometimes I cuss. I drink beer and wine. I can debate rationally and sanely, as I have an well-above-average intelligence. I'm opinionated, but I'm willing to entertain your ideas and thoughts without being condescending or calling you names. The fear of hell did not bring me to God. I came to God because He loves me. Simple. He loves me, and He loves you too. That's what sustains me. I don't go to a traditional church, although I was in one for 6 years after my initial "encounter." I have been part of a home church since 1991. I have not idea what heaven looks like. The book of Revelations gives a glimpse, but frankly, the descriptions are too abstract for me.
Please don't pursue a degree in Theology. It'll just screw your head up. I was in the seminary when I was in college and that's what drove me away from God for 10 years.

Thanks for the question. I elaborated a bit more in my blog, and linked you in there as well.

Yeah, I'm with Paul. He says it pretty well. I found God though in a search for truth. It makes the most sense to me. I have learned about other "religions", and they do not at all seem credible to me. I don't consider myself "religious", because I think "religion" means; Something made up by man to explain life. I don't believe man made up God, but that God made up man.

I love the idea that God is more of your personal truths than anything. And THANK YOU for your honesty. It's really quite beautiful to hear how powerful these things are for you. I notice though, that there is almost the same voice that people use when talking about their "relationship" with their God. It's like the CAPS is on. I'm not trying to be negative, I just found it kinda odd.
You have no idea how much I've always wished I'd have one of those moments. The only moments I've ever had involved me telling me, to suck it up, be a better person, and give back to this world, as it is so endlessly wonderful, god or no god.

I guess I see my god in the eyes of my children (I'm not ripping that off-I can't remember who to attribute the quote to), I see God in the quiet beauty of a walk through a field of lupins with Vivian. I see Gods in the eyes of people who create change in this life. I choose God as the people who live eachday as it matters.

I'm not sure what's bringing all this up, but I really appreciate everyone one being so candid, especially you Brad! If there is a GOd, I'm sure she loves emexicons!

God is about relationship, not religion. He created us for that relationship. He knows us intimately and desires for us to know Him as well.

I am a (born) Muslim. I believe in one God, and all his prophets, and all the stuff we've heard of. There's no specific incident that made me find God; it's basically just the feeling that he's always watching - always. I don't think it's fear, but the fact that i feel protected and watched over all the time. Everytime i'm in trouble, i know in my heart everything's going to be fine. I know that whatever happens, it's always for the best, even if it didn't look like it at the time. I trust God, to make my decisions for me, even though i'm the one making them. (this is a bit complicated, but you know what i mean).

I am on my own path to enlightenment. The path of Buddha. It is a recent discovery for me. I do not believe in a higher power. The power must come from within.

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