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HA! I win!

Granted, I had to change EVERYTHING, but the annoying thing is gone.

I tried what you suggested Atom, but that wasn't in the HTML, and nothing else had changed, so I just got rid of it. Now I get to spend my break time adjusting the template...

anyone wanna tell me how to change the backround picture?

I'm so lazy..

Which background picture do you want to change? For the header, or for the whole page? E-mail me if you like, and I'll try to help. :)

It looks really cool.... I liked the old one, but this one is a bit sharper...

Hmm, change is good,

I've no idea about the template, actually I might contact owl as well, I have questions...

And is that you? Are you Jonn Jones? The Martian Manhunter?

I'm gonna play a bit more....the nature thing is bugging me...

and that is indeed Jonn....my homage to the Dorf's obsession....plus, I want to be able to turn into other people..

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