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A poem, for Herge (and it's not DIRTY!)

Just for Herge....the only recent thing I can locate....I wrote this awhile back after they found Cecilia's body.....Karen knows what I mean, and I can't remember her last name, although I can see her face clearly in my eyes right now...it's still in progress as I've never come to grips with any kind of finality that SHOULD accompany the word "EDIT"...

Silent questing eyes shut closed by
some type of
we cannot bear to hold.
Seconds removed from minutes, days which
danced away from us, the time we
didn't recognize as that we'd regret.

Your years were lived in those eyes, wise
old soul clothed in child, pending, waiting

I know you without knowing.
I see my
children running through you,
around you imps on
air as
you sift through lives and
secrets, lies that
will never
bring you closer.

Words become lessened with speechless hurts.

You teach us well. We will watch your eyes, in sleep


quite. m.

:( Cecilia Zhang. The city hasn't forgotten her, either... And I'm a bit ashamed to say that when I heard her accused abductor/molestor/killer had been roughed up in prison I was happy...

So, does this mean you have dirty poems as well?

I've re-read this poem several times now, it's quite something.


no, no dirty poems. I'm restrained by something when I try to write certain types of things.

I will say that since I posted this, I've been writing again! It's so NICE! I guess I just needed a kick in the rear! So maybe something else will get posted in the future...

and personally Karen, I'm NOT ashamed to say that I believe kiddie rapers and killers should be beaten and killed out right. PERIOD. Look at the Shasta Groene case. WE CAN'T FIX THESE PEOPLE.

He hasn't had a trial, yet. And as satisfying as it is, vigilante justice isn't the most orderly way to run a society.

And sometimes people *are* wrongly accused (like the Klaussen family in the prairies, the wrongly-accused foster parents.)

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