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Why the city bus is so much FUN!

Ah, I love the bus. I take it on Monday's since I work a late day (11-7) and my car pool doesn't on Mondays. Now, taking any city bus in any city is usually amusing, and today, here in ye old armpit, it was no different. Observed:
  • Slightly....off lady spends 15 minutes figuring out when the bus will return at her stop, despite the bus scheduale she holds in her hands. Drives myself and bus driver nuts. Evidence of small drool line at mouth.
  • Man sits blocking small main street downtown, wanting to turn left, in spite of the LARGE NO LEFT TURN sign. Driver nicely reminds him he can't turn left. "Why?" he asks. (please note that VAST effort the driver expended in NOT saying "How the FUCK should I know dumbass?") Driver nicely points out sign. He turns left anyway, after he has held up traffic for 5 minutes.
  • Lady waiting for bus with a trucker hat, orange day glo tank top, fanny pack, spandex shorts and sandals with WHITE SOCKS. The fashion crimes this woman committed are too numerous to get into. It was just WRONG. (of course, not QUITE as wrong as the lovely piece of man-meat I saw the other day-kickboxing pants and half gloves as he walked down the street with the "I think I rock" strut. The mullet topped it all off...)

Just another icky day in the armpit.

If this is a lame post-blame the PC at home. I tried to post THREE SEPARATE times at home on the weekend, and EACH time it cacked and I lost the post. I even tried to post some poetry for Herge....I'll try that again later. since I'm craving another mean anonymous post.....

'evidence of small drool line at mouth'... ' beautiful.

Did you write it down in a little note book like the dude in Se7en?

Poetry for me? Wha?

Hold up, now I remember.

Can I ask... why that particular profile pic?

Three reasons:
1. He's DAMN COOL. He can change into stuff.
2. Jonn and Metamorpho are the Dorf's two favorite comic characters...and I also think they're cool, but I'd NEVER admit it to him. So this is my way to groove on Jonn...
3. It's the only picture I didn't have to fiddle endlessly with to fit...I'll change it to someone cooler like Zatanna at some point, despite my distaste for DC characters....

and no, no notebook....I lose those...

LOL! Will we have to get you a notebook with a little string you can tie around your wrist? ;)

YES! And I'll develop a TWITCH!

Laughed my ASS off at that one.... I observe some of those weird creatures too. I feel your pain.

I love the bus. I don't ride it anymore. But I used to love watching the wackos riding.

The good news when I was a teen was that a pretty girl asked if I had any gum. I handed her the piee I was chewing as a joke, and she took it.

We dated briefly after that..

ok, THAT was gross. I HATE gum to begin with, and I've ALWAYS hated the gum swapping thing...I'm not even a big fan of kissing, all those fluids and smells...

god, so much for enjoying my cheese croissant...

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