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Ahhhhh...conference calls

When. What a brain fricken dead day.

Awhile ago, I was asked what life, normal life, with ADD is like. Today is one of the worse versions of a day, where I just seem to float regardless of how much Ritalin I intake. I can't motivate to save my life, and I can't get crap done. It sucks.

Most days are rather interesting. I think I have an interesting viewpoint, and I'm fairly creative. I take time to notice the bucket of roses at the flower shop next to work everyday. (I could sit with my face in that bucket all day long.) Other days, I feel like a moron who has nothing to contribute to the world, and that I fuck up everything that I touch.

This is normal apparently, the "I'm an idiot" self talk. It's really hard to defeat as well. I'm trying lately, to tell myself that perhaps I am a good mother, a good person.

I have trouble keeping my mouth shut. I keep talking when I think I should shut up. I can't help it. I think I'm funnier than I am.

I'm rambling because I'm paying half attention to this call, despite it NOT applying to me.

It was worse before I was diagnosed. I just thought that perhaps I wasn't as smart as I thought I was. It's a terrible thing to know you aren't a blithering moron, but unable to prove it. It's hard trying to get through school like that.

Oh....I'm so not into an entry right now.....

Wow, I feel like I could have written this!!

You're hardly an idiot with the eloquant blogs you compose, not to mention your beautiful poetry... Have a sit down and a nice cup of tea. Works for us Brits a treat.

There's hardly anything that can kill my concentration quicker than a conference call that doesn't apply to me, and I don't have ADD. Cut yourself a break.

I have to agree with Herge. You're definitely no chump. A cup of tea does it for me every time.


mmmmm....tea...I was raised on black tea, so no worries there. But I hate tea in the summer...

thanks guys. Sometimes I need an ego boost.

Oh, I meant to ask - you had an excellent idea for the greeting cards - re: Happy Birthday from your ungrateful kids...

Can I steal this idea?

absotootin....I need to send one to my daddy....

actually, fair is fair for pissing on my door that time and haveing to be reminded every year when my birthday was...

I'm gonna try to post some more stuff tomorrow....

Umm... I would not be too down on yourself. The desire and effort to be good also counts for something.

I've just been bummed out lately, and coming to grips with the fact that despite the annoying things ADD causes, the parts I like about myself are most likely the result of the ADD. Who else can talk about running shoes, frogs and garbage dumps in one run on sentence, and understand the connections? :)

Sorry to bum everyone out lately! I'll be better-I promise!

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