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Hi! I couldn't help but notice you gun the engine as I attempted to cross at the walk signal, and really noticed when you drove your car RIGHT up against my ass. I so TOTALLY enjoyed that! I mean, it being my right-of-way and all, like that matters since apparently, you can get your license here without adhering to ANY laws pertaining to pedestrians. That is SO RAD! I LOVE having to give people the finger everytime I walk somewhere.

And have I mentioned just how thoroughly I enjoy the sound of your Hog going 30kms over the speed limit down my quiet residential street at 3am? I mean really, I do adore that constipated rhino sound your bike makes.

And oh, Mr. City Worker in a City vehicle? Next time you try to drive THROUGH me at a crosswalk, ou MIGHT want to remove the "city of armpit" sign from the door. Just a thought.

Someday I will purchase firearms. And it will be De- Lovely!

Sounds like life as a pedestrian in the Armpit is worse than life as a pedestrian in Toronto. And we've had unusually high pedestrian fatality numbers...

I was crossing the street today and some Fucker was gunning it. I slowed down, gave her the "What the fuck are you doing" look with my palms facing up and yelled "It's a fucking crosswalk!" She wouldn't even look at me - the Bitch.

Thor, the armpit sniper.

I felt TONS safer in Toronto. If nothing else, everyone drove the same, and I KNEW my life was in my hands...the Dorf was nearly ran over on his bike the other day because some old man (the WORST offenders here) couldn't be bothered to look both left AND right....As odd as it sounds Karen-you're more likely to get killed here...and it's funny, cause some old man ran over another old man who couldn't be bothered to use the crosswalk 5 feet away...of course no charges will be laid...but if the driver had of been a, oh, I don't know, a 18 year old....


HI APRIL! How was vacation?

I will be buying at least a BB Gun to nail the little fucker on a honda that does 80 down our street. That or the judicious use af some fishing line....

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