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I recently noticed that I LOVE beavers. They are very very cool! And since Herge RUINED Koala's for everyone....I just wanted to state for the record that Beavers are NOT crap animals.

A few beaverlicious facts!

Apparently there is a National Beaver Day.
A small, tasty, sugar-coated pastry is called a Beaver Tail (sometimes spelled Beavertail, in one word). It can be found mostly in the Ottawa area. (YUMYUM)

Very compact and rotund, a beaver walking on land appears to have no neck at all; the round profile of its head merges into the round profile of its back. Because its legs are short, it is ungainly and slow on land. When frightened, it can travel quickly in an awkward, bounding gallop, but over a distance of a hundred or so metres a person can run a beaver down. (that was a very polite way of saying fat cannon fodder)
It's the biggest rodent I know.


FYI: Doing any searches at work including the word "beaver" without being VERY VERY VERY careful is not cool....let's just say...EW.

And there you have it-THE MIGHTY BEAVER! in all it's GLORY!

Yes, the beaver is mighty indeed! A master dam builder, those dam beavers!
I'm a believer in the beaver!!!

I may dislike Koalas but i love a nice beaver...

Oh come on, it's what everone thinks when you say it.

And for the record, I didn't ruin the koala, they were crap to start with.

Half the fun is seeing just how many gutter minds are out there....

have you noticed that the more you say BEAVER, the funnier it becomes?!?!

I needed that giggle today...

you carved "crap" into a Koala head, and added some swaztikas (I can't spell that).

What about Dolphins...I can't remember if you did dolphins yet...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

oddly enough-check out today's poll

Dolphins are on the waiting list - don't you worry.

'Brainy male' my arse.

That should have been 'brainy mammal'

must have been thinking of myself.

One other thing about beavers...they are actually quite tasty when slow-cooked in a smoker, and served with a mango-salsa over steamed wild rice!!!

ok, THAT was gross.

hmmm...wouldn't brainy male be an oxymoron? (GOD I love that word.)

I ALSO LOVELOVELOVE Buddy Jesus. What's your take on Dogma Paul?

You and your freakin' beaver.


And am I the ONLY person who does NOT immediately associate Beaver with a vagina????

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