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Happpiness is a good Six Feet Under

I love that show. The latest episode really got me, as usual. I cry at least once with that show.It just always seems to hit a nerve somehow.

Last nights episode, showing Ruth's sister dealing with possibly having a hand in her friend's death, really brought home some issues for me. Being able to, on one hand, believe that everything happens for a reason, and on the other, feel like the antichrist because it might have been your fault, I could relate to. I always feel like I'm teetering on this edge, waiting for something to push me to one side or the other.

And Claire getting an office job, and her Aunt telling her that maybe she ISN'T an artist....I can relate to that more than I want to. I buffer my coworkers with the most obnoxious death metal I can find somedays, and yet they STILL come near me with ecards full of dancing puppies. And I look back and wonder where the girl went who wanted to be the lonely poet with kitties, traveling the world alone, forever and wonderfully alone. There's such a narrow threshold between "when I grow up" and "shit, I'm a grown up". The snotty art student thing being disillusioned-don't we all do that? It was sad because that window is so brief, that you don't even notice it until it's 5 years later and you're pregnant and wondering if you can still be weird and arty. I found this episode dealt with a few of my personal issues lately. And the image of all these stoned ladies, some of whom look like I hope/want to look when I'm older, singing "calling all angels"-that was just too much for my already battered empathy heart.

I'm so tired of crying, and of everything hurting so bad that I could pinch my heart out my nose. All I could think about while they sang that was the guy in LA who used his 17 month old daughter as a human shield. She died because the police had to shoot. Your own flesh.

What a dirty, repugnant little world we own.

And on that note, my darling light, my slug loving daughter Vivian, on our "walkie" a few weeks ago, in the field of lupins I'm lucky to have behind my house...(I think we saw slugs having sex. It is NOT nice. And what is UP with all the slugs anyway?!?!)

The world ain't all bad.

That's a show I keep meaning to get into, I've heard it's ace.

I've become really soppy over the last couple of years - I cry at (or atleast get watery eyed) at everything - even bloody Battlestar Galactica had me filling up.

What's this about a guy using his daughter as a shield? How old was she?

Six Feet Under ROCKS. I want to get all the seasons on DVD, but I can't afford 90$ a pop. You should watch it. It's GREAT.

ok, the battlestar galactica thing....that's a little weird...

and here's the link....for once, I agree with the police.19 months old. And of course, the kid's mom is saying she told them he was "mental" and not to shoot. The guy shot like 300 rounds-what were they to do? Wait for him to kill the girl, and other people?

I can't imagine what the officer that took the shot is going through. This sucks for everyone involved.

I was thinking of watching it but I can't figure out my satellite service.

Stupid electronics. Where's a 10 year old when you need one?

That's the Dprf's only "man" task-dealing with the stupid components as I refuse to do it.

DORF. I meant DORF.

I am dealing with the same NARROW threshold between young & old myself. It sucks because I think I'm in the Oh shit this sucks part.

The awareness does suck. But ya know what? Having kids lets you be that weirdo again....or at least, me. I now have an excuse to sing "City of No Sun" in the grocery store line....they see the kid, and think nothing of it. Kids also allow a more honest view of those around you.

BTW, I LOVE the name Ruby. I fought for it for each girl, and lost. I also totally dig Beryl...

ah, the afternoon happy pill JUSt kicked in....I have SOOOOO much work to do...

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