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Favorites Friday #1

In an effort to be as equally dorky as everyone else, and to convince myself that I'm not the only geek who has sat reading the dictionary, even when it wasn't the only thing in the bathroom...I thought I'd do a little poll thingy majiggy for Friday mornings......

I have favorite words, stuff like "onomatopoeia" "Oxymoron" "Ubiquitous" "Anaphylactic"

I like these because somehow, they look terribly terribly wrong, and yet they aren't. They're like those weird ass bugs you're scared of, until you learn that not only are they harmless, they eat all the earwigs and june bugs that Karen hates! :P

Anyone else have favorite words? Tell me why too!

thats really cool....i feel the same as u do....and thats a good reason 2 like words. i like 2 use big words just 2 prove my superiority (altho i cant spell, so forgive me if i spelled that wrong) and i love the blank looks i get. lol, i guess its just a curse of mine!

i've always liked the word "reminisce", don't know why...
& my favorite Bri'ish word is "fuckwit"...

my favourite word is 'Puffin'. Go on say it, see how nice it feels, all soft and gentle - it's like a word created by a dying breath - puffin.

I also like 'cunt' - very gritty, very visceral - feels fabulous saying it, especially if you're angry.





CUNTPUFFIN.... hmmm, that's mine.

ah, fuckwit....I'm also liking "asscraps" lately

and CUNT is one of my most FAVORITE words, but not for the reasons I wrote about. But because it has so much more power than most words.

Puffin is fun. It's like an ever-expanding marshmallow in ones mouth.

But cuntpuffin - now there is a great combo,

a new friend for Dalek perhaps?

I always like "truculent", "Obfuscatious" and "recalcitrant" and I've also been partial to "cockmonkey" lately.

cockmonkey is great, I like fuckhead - but sadly never use it as much as I'd like to.

Toerag - British derogatory term, more or less means dirtbag or scum of the earth.

OMFG- I forgot about toerag!!!!

OOOH! Wingnut-when little pieces of poop get stuck to the hair, and form little balls.....

cock monkey has potential....

wanna use fuckhead more often? Work where I work....

"recalcitrant"-for some bizarre reason, this word reminds me of lime scale.

yeah you can get that recalcitrant off with Oxy clean.

Fuckhead is a good one, but being from up north, I've using that one since I was in grade school.

But it's an oldie but a goody.

Reon. A cross between a retard and a moron.
Unless you prefer the more dramatic version, which is reciprocated.

Sometimes I think about the vocabulary I do possess, and then I look at the way I use it, like helping to create new and more effective curse words.

I guess it's like I told my Dad once. You don't stub your toe and say "damn". You stub it and scream "oh for fuck sakes" LOUDLY. It's the only pain reliever...

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