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Let it first be said that the ONLY thing in the world that makes me scream like a little girl, gibber in terror and run away is any kind of bee/wasp/hornet type creature. No reason, I'm just petrified of them.

That said, this was one afternoon in my house.

You were hiding in the window your
fuzzy, malevolent little body shaking a
crazy vacuum free from socket flowers
filling my blank skull with DANGER DANGER as
I run through the house, out the door, to
the road muttering, shaking
cursing as I
stub my favorite toe.

My weapon, 8.99 chemical warfare in
clumsy oaf hands, the cat sat twitching, tail set
to KILL. You
screaming anger from where you sat held
hostage, beating my will little by little,

I had no wish to conquer you or
end your tiny existance with my certain shameless
bottled death gas.
This fear endangers me, coerces me into
unthinkable acts, murder, chastity.

I could taste the pain as you
writhed in the stark liquid, such a
terrible way to die as I watched
cowering in the corner. My
chest compressed then like
a crushed balloon from such
stupid sorrow.

Yoiur silent anxiour goodbyes to
long lost comrades fills my watery weak doe eyes
your tiny delicate web wings shudder
one tiny last time.

Yet I am Goliath...

Piss poor, but I've wanted to work on this one for awhile, and I can't find the other two I wanted to post.

Oh, and to top it off, I just noticed there is a wasp's nest near the pool. GREAT. Any suggestions on how to kill the fuckers?

this one kinda sucks now that I read it again. I'll delete it when I get home...

but I still HATE bees.

I love it - very serious but very very funny. I love the bit about the 'bottled death gas'!!! fantastic.

They are cunts though.

Not bees though, bees are fine. Wasps are bastards.

Don't delete it - it's brilliant.


I still think it's shite, but I won't move it yet.

and I spelt that word wrong....dammit

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