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Thomas the Train Engine-Evil English Conspiracy?

In talking with other Mom's, I've noticed that there is a disturbing trend amoung kids of LOVING Thomas for no obvious reason. Isn't it rather odd?

To love trains that talk without moving their mouths, expel steam when angry, and as a psuedo mating ritual? According to the official web site, Thomas is "a cheeky little Tank Engine" who lives on "Sodor". And what does everyone think of the minute they see that word? SODOMY, that's what.

The web site also says that "the ultimate steam engine praise is to be really useful!"

Not sure if I want my kids to grow up wanting to be "really really useful". It's obvious some creepy ploy by the Brits to make kids want to be mindless drones under the direction of really fat men in bad hats.

Sir Topham Hatt: Destroyer of Worlds and little children


another one for hilary to ban.
usa maddness.
percy the engine.

Thomas The Tank Engine is the second coming fo Barney.

Personally I liked childrens T.V. when it had alot of layers and didn't spoonfeed dogma and propaganda. Personally I wouldn't want my kids going to talking train for morals and values.

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.

Think of sodomy? As in up the arse? Not me.:-p lol.

or "Sod off"...either way, there is just something CREEPY about that damn show..

Creepy maybe but my son loved it. My daughter loves Thomas the Tank Engine but she doesn't really like the show. She does like the whole track and train set.

See, now that's what I've been saying the whole time!!!!!
Thomas tank engine = Evil Brit homo conspiracy!!!!! Yes!! I'm glad you see this. What about TELE-TUBBIES??????Huh? Same thing!!
I'm tellin ya, I know a Evil Plot when I see one!!!!!

As a Brit kid I grew up on the books of Thomas the Tank engine (not the Ringo Starr narrated TV show - does Ringo narrate yours?)

Although I did sorta enjoy it, there was on story that really disturbed me - it was about a train that had been put out of service and left in a disused shed.

That wasn't the worst part - even though it is a pretty icey depiction of old age for a tot to take in.

This shed is eventually BRICKED UP!!! and the train is left in the dark and alone for YEARS.

He's eventually broken out and given a new lick of paint - but by that stage it was too late - The bloody thing was basically BURIED ALIVE in my book - scared the hell out of me.

And that Thomas is a Puffincunt if ever there was one.

The little block above - is he still known as the fat controller? or has that now been changed?

Evil Brit Homo Conspiracy?

How does that work exactly?

We lost our empire, now we're trying to turn you all gay???


I must admit, I'd rather my kids go on a crazy mind fuck with the tele-tubbies, rather than that spend a nanosecond with that saccharine soaked purple cunt - representative of all that is hideous and vile about corporate Kiddie entertainment TM, Barney.

That cockweasel.

I think Ringo still does, although I try to pay as little attention to the show as humanly possible, and only watch it when I accidently allow a glimpse which turns into "THOMASTHOMASTHOMAS!!" ad nauseaum.

Note to self: Do NOT buy book about bricked in train. What in HELL is THAT? Violence for kids is bad, but BRICKING in, that's A-OK? I'd be a little messed from that myself. Hell, my parents wouldn't even let me watch Bambi, I was THAT sensitive.

I wasn't pointing at a "gay" conspiracy, since sodomy is not a orientation specific act.

I LOVE Boobah, mostly because the remnants of LSD in my brain become active. vivian sees Barney and gets excited. I tell her the meaning of the word "Homicide". My father likes to think those little happy bastard children on the show go smoke crack after, and throw dog poo at the police.


Ringe, sadly, does not narrate the latest Thomas Tank Engine stories... Kids like the naugty trains... it's kids stuff

My little'n loves Thomas and would willingly give up his weekly sweeties for another episode of his favorite religion.

It has however, taught him all his colours and numbers way before his older sibling ever did!

Rock on Thomas!

Peep Peep!

Ohhhh, I'm buying more tracks this weekend and a new Thomas Train for my daughter. I need two Thomas trains because my 11 year old son still loves his and won't give it up.

I think VIvian might get some for the birthday to my chagrin...

My son loves Thomas and friends. I think this post is hilarious. He will keep watching it until your theory or another proves otherwise. ;-) lmao

Funny site.

We bought Percy.

May the force be with us.

She CRIES when the show stops. CRIES.

Lord, I have to cut the cable.

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