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Favorites Friday 3

Ok, an easy one to cheer up a crap week (since we all seem to be having one)

What is your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

You know, the movie with NO redeeming factors whatsoever......I think mine would have to be ConAir-Nic Cage, John Malhcovic (I can't spell that), John Cusack, Steve Buschemi, all in a really CHEESEBALL action movie-doesn't get much better! (Aside from Face-Off, which is excluded entirely on the basis of that creepy/weird face thing Travolta kept doing....ick)

Admit it-you like crap movies too. And I want to know the sick reasons behind your choice.

Happy Fricken Friday!

Fried Green Tomatoes is my guilty pleasure movie. Mary Stuart masterson was so awesome as Idgie Threadgood! Tawanda!!!!!!! Also Dirty Dancing because Patrick Swayze is soooooo Hot!

Mines faaaaarrr worse.

I call it my comfort movie - a trash film that makes you feel nice.

Overboard. Love it, seen it dozens of time.

No one dies, it's all lovely.

I PRIDE myself on never EVER watching Dirty Dancing. I will never understand this orgasmic sigh most women release for PS.ICKICKICK. Mullet.

Fried Green Tomatoes bored me.But seemed ok.

I will admit to Overboard being a guilty TBS type pleasure. And the James Bond movies (ONLY with Sean Connery) I like a lot of the comedies from the late 80's/early 90's, but I only watch them alone.

My father LOVES Adventures in Babysitting, so I've sat thru that MILLIONS of times....

Molly Ringwald.... I so wanted to be her! LOL!
Sixteen candles. Breakfast Club,Pretty in Pink.

My guilty pleasure film with no redeeming value would have to be "Female Trouble" from the truly great director John Waters.

What could top a movie that stars a three hundred pound transvestite?

Ok, I will have to admit my gultiest pleasure movie is much guiltier than any I've read so far! I also admit that I haven't watched it in years, afraid of what my children might think! Rocky Horror Picture Show! I'm ashamed to even admit it, but you asked. Bye... gotta get ready for church... LOL!

I prefer Pink Flamingos, just because of the infamous eating scene....I'm a HUGE sucker for anything John Waters though...

oh, Rocky Horror...I remember taking a virgin to a screening where everyone was dressed up...LORDY that was FUNNY!

Lets do the time warp again! If Dave & I ever have a party to celebrate how freakin' long we've been married, we're having a dance this time & we all gonna do the Time Warp! I love that movie. I think my most guilty pleasure of late is "Never Been Kissed" Drew Barymore (can't spell) and Michael Vartan. Love that one! Oh, and "Connie And Carla" the sophmore effort by Nia Vardalos(sp), she wrote "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", another funny and sweet flick.

I don't think I've seen either of those MHN.....


But then, I have a strange obsession with Angelina Jolie so....

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