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My entirely frivolous list of favorite 5 movies.

I used to watch a LOT of movies. Now I have kids. Also close in the running was Saw, mostly for the unhappy ending. But buddy putting himself in the movie pissed me off.

Heathers: Forever my favorite. Killing the annoying popular girls at school? KICK ASS! You'd soooooo never get away with this now. Favorite scene: Why, the "party". Favorite Line begins thus: " I have a little speech prepared for when my suitors...."

L.A. Confidential: I know, the book is likely 10 times better. I DON'T CARE. I adore Kevin Spacey, and I think Russell Crowe showed a depth with Bud that I would have never anticipated. The movie could have been too much. It was just right. Favorite Scene: Bud and Edmund in Pierce's house once they "get it". The blocking and staging are just so frickin good...... Favorite Line begins thus: "Why don't you come dance with a man for a change?"


Man, I never watch it enough. I can't explain it, nor do I want to. I don't remember anything about it expect for the entire part of the movie that was in synch with eachother, with the music, AH! WICKED WICKED!

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: I don't really hear or see anything when Clive Owen is involved. Nuff said. I ASKED for and received King Arthur (which really isn't that bad)

Office Space: I work in an office VERY similar to theirs. I'm obligated to mention it. Oh, and I'm slowly turning into Milton. And my stapler has my name on it. Favorite Scene: Any regarding Milton and his stapler. Favorite Quote: "Have you seen my stapler?"

Nothing deep, or weird and arty. I was just getting entirely too serious lately.

Heathers IS one of the best ever. There are so many good bits in that movie. It was also when Christian Slater was at his best.

LA Confidential is also great on so many levels. Delicatessen is good too, but I think Amelie is his best work.

I love Clive Owen too - especialy after the BMW films. I was disappointed in King Arthur because it could have been so much more - also i think he lacked the screen presence to carry it off in that one - not that he doesn't have it, but he's too brooding to be a bigger than life charismatic leader. He's more Liam Neeson than Mel Gibson.

I liked some bits of office space, but never really got into it like others do - but then again I saw tha British Comedy The Office and didn't think it was that funny - even though everyone raves about it - and I love british comedy, but I'm more of a Young Ones fan. Also Kids in the Hall is awesome. "That's some fucking good Ham, Mom!"

Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

What we gonna tell the cops - fuck her if she couldn't take a joke sarge.

Am I going to prom or to hell.

Our love is God.

Three schools in three states and the only thing that's changed is my locker combination.

Can they bleach out urine.


Pauline, we'll let you know when the space shuttle lands

Why are you pulling my dick?

Oh man, they were fags...

And many many more.

Yep seen it, just a few times - those were top of head, honest. I decided to stop because I figured it was annoying.

Other good too.

Classic line in office space - each day is the worst day of my life.

Can you just zonk me out, so I don't know I'm at work and I think I'm fishing?

I don't like my job, so I'm not going anymore.

L.A.Confidential is probably top 5 best movie of the 90's - It's absolutely a stunner. Rollo Tomassy (I think).

OUR LOVE IS GOD! Let's go get a slushie! Fuck-that was my high school motto. I was so into Slater-now he grabs asses.....

poor pauline.

Amelie was a little too cutsie poo for me. I own it, it's cool, but...

which reminds me, BRAZIL was in close running as well!

THE YOUNG ONES! YTV in Canada used to run all the old brit comedies, and I watched that all the time. I miss it. Kids in the Hall I grew up on. My personal favorite was always the chicken lady.

and of course, "I love my dead gay son."

Lone Star

OMFG?!?! How could I forget that line?!?!?

I LOVE MY DEAD GAY SON! I can hear the snot!

Oh god, I have to watch the movie again...it's been a year or so...

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