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Where is Valerie when you need some SCUM?

Why is the Dorf such an asshole?

Is there a special asshole gland that goes with the equipment?

I'm not gonna cry I'm not gonna cry at work...

Ahhh, the Society for Cutting Up Men.

She was a goodun' and got rid of warhol (or at least gave him to think of) before he went totally down hill.

Is she still alive? Can't remember.

We expelled Dorf from the team, that's why he's an arsehole. The rest of the team are mostly okay (we've still got some work to do, mind).

What did he do now?

Too late... my nemisis beat him to it and had me in tears today. What a cunt. CUNT, CUNT! Plus, now he tells me he's going to try not paying child support. Ain't life grand!

Herge-I think she's dead. I think. And I'm WELL aware that most of you have work to do.

Karen-he was himself. As per usual. The old "I don't want to hear what you have to say, so I'll just shut msgr off" routine. Regardless of me telling him that something is wrong and I need some support, a word that apparently does not enter his lexicon. He is a PENIS.

April. Let's lock the dorf and the nemesis in a room and leave them there. We can go drink. Fucker. He sounds even worse than the Dorf. NOT pay child support. YEAH, that will go over real well in COURT. Fucker.


April - I hope the courts can force him to take responsibility for his kids.

Thordora - are you gonna leave him over stuff like that? (Just a question, not a judgment).

I'm quite sure eventually, this will end badly...which sucks, because we do love eachother...I just wish it wasn't so much goddamn work....enough stuff in my life has been work....

Add to everything the never ending postpartum and well.....things suck

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