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More reasons to love having children

Oh it's one of THOSE days....yesterday was spent sleeping, curled in a ball, yelling and sniping and generally being an asscrap.....cause BEING A GIRL ROCKS!

And in addition to feeling like utter shite, my hair is still falling out. Everywhere. There is a trail of me every place I've been. According to anything I've read, this should have only lasted a little while. I'm beginning to wonder how relative that term really is. And it's ALWAYS greasy now. So let's do a checklist....

  • FLabby gut-check (2 kids in 2 years-NOT cool for the tummy)
  • Greasy hair and skin-check-complexion RUINED
  • wacked out hormones, meaning I end up crying to crap songs like that "Bad Day" song currently all over Much Music-CHECK. The wonky hormones have got to stop. It's ruining my rep as a total bitch.
  • Poverty-CHECKCHECK-I have NO money. The kids have cooler clothes.
  • Bad Mood-CHECKINFINITE-I SOOOOOOO have this one today.

Black. Arck. ARGH

That sounds like me!

Flabby tummy - Check

My hair finally stopped falling out so I can skip this one.

Complexion is crap - check

Whacked out hormones - check. I cry at the stupidest things where before I couldn't be fucking bothered with shit.

Poverty - well during my stay at home period my Nemisis would give me some money to pay the bills but it always fell short so I had to use my Child Tax Benefit and Jordan's Child support from his father to cover the rest. I had no fucking money while he had everything.

Bad Mood - Check. I got to stay at home all the time and look after the kids while he lived his life. It's putting me in a bad mood thinking about it. Fucktard.

So...yes, I can relate. It sucks.

Man Girl, I'm the same blasted way. Constantly pissed off, but at what, I can't be sure. Totally broke. The poor kid catches hell everyday for little things (although i do go back and apologize for being mean.). My skin is horrible. 6 months after the boy was born my perfect skin went into teenage pimple mode and then turned into psoriasis. That stuff hurts and doesn't go away and is hard to cover up(bare essentials does a pretty good job, but is expensive.)

Thanks for sharing. I'm glad to know that it's not just me. Love to you!! m.

I recommend a trip to Angru Chimp to lighten the mood.

Or chocolate, whichever blows your hair back, really.

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hi i kno how it feels with the greasy falling out hair im fifteen and im already balding from stress im in poverty but i dont think that i have a mood except indifference..... im sorry though that u are in a bad mood and im also adhd and i dont take medication for it so i got ticks and nervous twitches all over the place so neway nice post and i hope ur hair grows back and that u feel better later on byezz and thnx for the good read hit up my blog and leave a comment if u wish

I have no kids, I'm beautiful, sexy, in -shape and deleriously happy.


But I understand that having children is the greatest experience anyone could have and I couldn't possibly understand because I don't have any.

Were both Vivian and Rosalyn unplanned?
I can totally believe that two babies in two years is hard on the body.

I have nothing to offer except a hug. [hug] Us blog buddies are here to make you laugh... and if that fails, we will also listen. :)

Different music for you me'lady.

LOUD - SHOUTY music - and lots of it.

Everything will fall into place -

Seriously, dump the kids on a relative/friend and go see a band play live - will make you feel alive again.

Or some more poetry, that way although you suffer atleast something beautiful will come from it.

I wouldn't bother with AngrU Chimp, it's crap.

thanks guys. It's been a shit weekend,and I'm getting to the end of my rope lately-i.e.-jumping ship to India and disappearing. You know it's a problem when going to work becomes me time...

Oh Herge, I'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to go out to a show. Only problem is that either they get shite bands, or the odd ones that are good play on a Thursday night....Tori Amos is in Montreal in a few weeks. I'm SOOOOOO tempted to stick out a thumb...although something loud and screamy would be awesome....perhaps Alexisonfire will come back..

The problem is we HAVE no relatives here, so we have to PAY for a break. Thankfully my Dad is back soon, so I can have a break.

In the meantime, I'll order the Shins record I've been wanting to order for like 4 years.....

And thanks again guys....sometimes I need a written hug..

and there is more coming Herge-I was writing something in my head last night as I fell asleep..too much work today though

Glad to hear it,

Poetry is good for the soul.

My co-worker checked his email. He was taking a break from playing "wheel of fortune". He started cussing for no apparent reason, and was saying "What?...What the hell?...How in the....HOW IN THE HELL DID ROSIE ODONNEL GET MY EMAIL ADDRESS!!!??? WTF???? DUDE, NOW ROSIE ODONNEL IS SPYING IN MY COMPUTER TOO!!!!"

Does that help cheer you up?
I hope so;)

yes it does. I'm gonna go do that to someone right now.

Hell I have all of those and I have never even had any kids.

I had most of them before too-that's the sad thing...

It's nice to know you are not alone and that friends will listen. i'm glad that your spirits seem to have lifted. Blessings to you!! m.

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