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Holy Police State Batman!

I know that something needs to happen, but am I the ONLY one scared crapless by Blair's little plan this morning? The US scares me enough, but this new crap....my fear is, the criteria for these groups, bookstores, will be loose, and ill applied.

Somedays I'm so bloody glad to live in Canada.....where will this all end?

oh, I know. Nuclear fricken war, in which we'll be caught regardless...

Wait, oh, now, um....seems my patented terrorist stopping karate move has failed...oh well, send in the troops to invade that evil bookshop down the way......won't carry "Busty Boys" huh....

Thanks for putting me in your Weirdo's column, I'm truly honoured. And well done on your own blog, it's very entertaining. It appears you're one of the few moms in the blogosphere with a strong sense of humour.

It will end when the terrorist are dead. What is wrong with kicking out those which support terrorism?

Vulture 6 - you are hopelessly naive.

It is an interesting turn of events - this from a man who stated three weeks ago that our way of life would never be affected by the terrorist attacks.

Bollocks... increase on stop and search, 'extremist groups' being expelled.

Makes me laugh - we have hardcore Christian groups both here and in the US that believe a full scale nuclear war is the start of the 'rapture' and they will ascend to Heaven. They want countries like Iraq nuked. Can't see them getting expelled - mostly cause no fucker wants them.

Still, I'd rather live in the UK than most other countries. It's never that hot which is good.

Some moms like me, only get thru life making fun of stuff, kids included.....thanks Pope! Kick ass site btw!

Naive is the word. I understand that things will change, and I can't blame it. People need security. But at what price? Remember that quote from a priest during WW2: They came for the gays, I'm not gay, they came for the jews, I'm not jewish, they came for me, no one was left to stop them? (liberties taken with the phrasing) THAT is my fear.

Changed like these are so subtle and insiduous that sometimes no one notices until it's too late and all the pages on the US supporting Bin Laden against the USSR are removed. History becomes altered, and YOUR rights are removed.

I want security. But NOT at the expense of freedom of the press, or freedom of expression. Yes, I want EXTREME hate groups who can be CONCLUSIVELY linked to terrorist activities stopped. No one should have to die for this bullshit, and yes, regardless of your religous affiliation, it IS bullshit.
Herge makes a VERY good point-some people want nothing more that for the :end time: to begin. You know the story, it's in every fantasy novel plot in some way. Presented with utopia-WE WILL REFUSE. Death, destruction, and a godly snubbing, MUCH MUCH better.

Terror will never end so long as you have countries who do NOT use their leverage, wealth and power to ACTIVELY help other countries. If I lived on 10$ a day, had little access to schooling, health care or food, I would blow shit up. Terror in my books, is also having your government take your land because they want to build a WalMart on it, or the police charging an 11 year old with assault with a deadly weapon for throwing a rock at some asshole kid or the police blowing the brain out of a 19 month old child held hostage by her delusional father. THAT my friend, is terror, because it is UNDER the guise of freedom.
Terror will end only when the playing field is leveled, and when everyone gets their heads OUT of holy books and into the real world. I have children, and the times, they are a scary....

I love my county. I'm never a patriot until I look around and see the shit others suffer. Octavia Butler writes about Canada building a wall to keep american refugees out after right wing fuckwits take over....VERY timely....

regardless, I see your point Vulture, but I worry about the long term. I'm macro, not micro with this shit....thanks for the visit, and feel free to rebut!

Wait, there are other countries besides America?

Blair and Bush are the Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer of International politics - if they can seeit, they can blow it up.

When will everyone realize that terrorism is an ideological battle and not a conventional battle. You can't kill an idea with a bomb, a battle, an arrest or a deportation. An ideology can jump like a virus to anyone - if you kill everyone who has the ideology, it will simply infect more people.

You don't stop the flu by exterminating people do you? The only way to combat ideology is to figure out how and why it infects and innoculate from it's effects.

But some how people keep electing these wankers, so I guess we're stuck with them and their "let's create the best extremist recruiting campaign we can think of" foreign and domestic policy.

Vive Le France!

Ready to climb Octavia Butler's wall...

great post, i'll come visit again soon...erik

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