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Ever feel as the world
shuts in around you I've
lost my voice inside those
shoes you stole so long ago

they were blue and barely broken in
they matched my temper that week.
How anything can sit in your doorway and
disappear without your compliance or
at the very least your

I don't know.

I almost loved you then. I almost loved you for
the things you wouldn't do, the times you said no
how you refused to let me leave.

I precluded myself. The peaches
were much toO perfect to suffer to live.

Ever feel like you've TOTALLY lost the ability to say anything even vaguely amusing, interesting or meaningful. I'm SOOOO having that lately.

Wah wah wah. Friends don't let friends have crappy blogs.

Oh, I don't know, you've got the whole 'stolen shoe' thing down.

What's the real story behind the shoes??

The saying should be "Friends don't let friends blog junk"

You're doing just fine :-)

Hey Thordora,

I was talking to your co-worker about magnetic hill and she say's it's FAKE!!! My heart is broken. I was gonna plan a BIG family vacation to see magnetic hill (the crown jewel of Moncton!) but now I'm thinking "aw shucks, it aint for real" so why go?????

It seems to be going around.

Keep blogging. It's like taking pictures, the more you take, the more likely you'll come up with a gem.

Take a quiz and post it. Those things are good for taking up space & giving the blogger a day to come up with something really fantastic!

Stay with it. You'll be back to your old self in no time!!

Herge: Once Christmas, my brother got me the most kick ass pair of Derby blue Doc's that I had wanted SOOOOOOO bad. I always wore army boots, but I wanted blue ones. I had them for about 2 months-I was crashed at some strangers house with my boyfriend at that point. When I woke up, the boots were gone.

What the hell could I do? I was in a strange town, with strange people. They were by a window, and the door unlocked. I was pretty confident of who stole then, but wasn't really sure of my safety....fuckers.....

Brad: it's TOTALLY FAKE. It's is VERY cool, although paying money to go up a hill......ermm.....and really, if anywhere is the arsehole of the world, it's Moncton....go to Halifax....this place sucks balls....

MHN: I'm just having those days lately......thanks!Somedays I just don't feel funny enough....

I'm with ya Gurl!

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