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Why the Dorf has gained Brownie points...

He bought me this JUST because he wanted to cheer me up, and he knew I wanted it...

That's a good album - I'd been listening to them on Radioio for a while and then then like 6months later they were all popular because of Garden State.

Good deal.

I wanted the first one-I was REALLY into them in 2001 while listeing to 3WK alot.....I never picked it up because everytime I went to buy it, I forgot their name, and would sit their pissing off the clerk...

"You mean Slint?"
"NO! Already have that."
"The Slits?"
"NO! Don't want that."


THis one doesn't seem as jangly

Ohh, the slits were ace.

I was also reminded this morning how much I love Mercury Rev sometimes...I was trying to listen to Daydream Nation, and the cd is all messed up....ARGHARGHARGH

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