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Am I Evil?

Oh yes I am.......

We now have the address for the bastard on the Honda's girlfriends house, and their phone number and name (thank you reverse lookup) SO....

"OPERATION MAIL OUT" is about to commence.....

the only issue is that we need more names to use. Stuff like "Mike Hawk" (say it out loud for full effect). Names that are amusing but not so blatant that if, lord forbid, a HUMAN handles the request, they won't think it's a prank....

also in the running:
-Issac Dick
-Mike Hunt
-Haanda Foocker
-Sook-Mei Kok

So I need your help. I'm going to send TONS of CRAP to their address, AND sign them up with ANY and ALL telemarketers I can find online. Suggestions as to good samples, catalogues, places that don't stop calling are welcome.


PMS drugs could be amusing. And penis enlargement information brochures. hee hee hee

Ivor Biggun

Chik Fuk Gi

R C Gitte

A Whole

You're wonderfully evil Thor.

How about.

Jack Mehoff

Dick Hertz

Biyt Mei

Hass Hohl

Jess M. Face

Pearl Nick Glass

Hass Focker

Puff N. Koontz

how about those sex toy catalogs or hustler magazine. That would be embarassing for them.

You have to sign him up for free samples of every impotence drug out there. Viagra, Cialis, etc.
Too too funny. Keep us updated!

thus far.....

-colon cleanser
-Arabian Horse DVD for buyers
-Autumn in NY info
-Moose pin
-The bad breath bible
-Exploring Life in Heaven

I've found other good ones along the lines of what MHN suggests, but the work firewall won't let me......


WTF did "Honda guy" do?
Ivan Irkinov wants to know!!

I was curoius myself.

what did he do?

Despite NOT living in the neighbourhood, this fuckwit whips up and down our street at LEAST 6 times a day to pick up his asscrap of a girlfriend on his LOUD and ANNOYINGLY crappy bike. And he does at LEAST 80kms (50mph) on our little residential street which has a speed limit of 50kph.....

He's an incosiderate ASSHOLE and I worry that some day, he might hit a kid since lord knows he wouldn't be able to slow down. The fact that this chick has PARENTS who do not take offence to this REALLY REALLY bothers me, hence OPERATION MAIL OUT on their home....

if anyone would like to help, let me know. I have ALL their details.... (I LOVE the internet)

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