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Favorites Friday 4: Service Stories

Since I just had the WORST customer experience EVER in The Bay, I've decided I want today's favorite's to be your rants on the WORST customer service you ever received. I have others, but today's was SO fucking bad that I actually complained. I NEVER complain. I usually just leave.

I needed to go buy a bra, since after two babies, things have shifted and the current one is ending it's usefulness. So, my trusty work companion and I wander into The Bay. (For those of you not in Canada, The Bay is a psuedo "up-Market" department store.) Most of the time, the service is mediocre, but in the lingerie department, we've usually ran into friendly, mostly helpful if not busy people. And I don't ask for much. Eye-contact and a "can I help you find anything?" suffices. Usually I don't want help. Today, I had intended on getting help, since I wanted to spend the money and get a few bra's that fit.

So we browse around. All the women know, the standard few minutes to allow the salesclerk to notice you. And we browse. And I mention loudly a few times that I don't know my size, I'll just try a bunch on, wish I knew my size, etc, etc. As someone who spent years in retail, you come to know the difference between those who need help, and those who don't. I was using ALL the signals. Looking around, sighing loudly, complaining, looking DIRECTLY at the sales desk.


So finally, I go to the fitting room desk with 9 bras, ALL different sizes. I stand there for 5 minutes or so while she stands next to two skinny girls trying to figure out if they're a 34 or 36A (a note girls-anything THAT small, I don't think the bra will help)

Finally she comes out behind them. She continues to talk at them over my head. I open my mouth and begin to ask to try them on. She keeps talking. Finally, she hears me, and mumbles "yeah, go ahead" while STARING OVER MY HEAD. The woman was shorter than me! I mutter something about not knowing my size, as she stands there WITH A MEASURING TAPE in her hands, as she had just measured miss nipple. NOTHING. She can't even look me in the eye.

Evil work friend is a similar build. Recieves equally shitty treatment. Has to let herself into dressing room. Is not asked if she's good, needs another size, nothing.

I find one that I actually want, but decide for once, to BE the pissed off customer. Evil work friend asks if I found one I like, as she's paying for her's in front of the rude, asshole clerk. I say, oh yeah, I found one. I'm not buying it. Clerk says NOTHING. Doesn't even look embarressed. (So either she is a complete blithering idiot, or she doesn't care)

I stew for a moment. I say Fuck it. I want a manager. I complain at the desk. THe manager who comes to see me is also blessed with a, well, "child-bearing" body. I explain that I have NEVER been treated as badly as this, and that I got the distinct impression that I wasn't skinny enough, or good enough to be served. She looked pissed, and said she'd deal with it right then. (I got the impression that this isn't the first time she's heard this)

I NEVER complain. I know how fucking hard retail can be, and I'm VERY forgiving if it's busy, short staffed, whatever. A simple "HI! Let me know if I can help!" would have sufficed. I was not given that opening. The woman wouldn't look at us, while she happily serviced two skinny, pretty girls who were a little more put together than I ever am. Fuck, I'd be better dressed if the clothes were made for me....

So, not ONLY am I still sitting here in a bra that fits for shit, I'm ALSO still incensed, and I think I might send a nasty email to The Bay. It's a retail store that pays SHIT. WHY on earth are they such puffincunts????

Cheer me up-share your horror stories.

She never asks if I need help.

I don't know if I have a specific time I can think of at the moment, but I do know that in general, I have the problem where if I ain't dressed all fancied up (rarely) and since I'm not a single, flirty young fluffy stick insect, I am ignored or just stared at like don't you think you better go to the Zellars over that way? They carry stuff more appropriate for you I think.....geez, I hate shopping anymore, I prefer online services.

I popped over to give a 'Thanks' for commenting on my Things I Find blog, and decided to read for a minute. This is a great blog! I've noticed that "Service" dosen't exist anywhere anymore. McDonald's NEVER gets my order right and that's just one examle...I could go on for days...but hey, it's your blog. I'll save my rant's for mine!
Thanks for commenting! I'll be back...

I got back fucking service today at Superstore. Fucking 17 year old sales clerk. I was fucking pissed and let him know. I was not a woman to be messed with today. Puffincunts is right.

Rowan: In general, this Bay usually isn't that bad-AND the food at the resturant rocks (or, it did until they changed they veggie burger.) The last time I was in lingerie the woman was AWESOME-which made this experience even worse. The only thing that bothers me more than bad service is inconsistant service. That tells me that management isn't involved with their staff, and the store is likely shorthanded with high turnover. The only good thing is that I went to Zellers before getting groceries and found a BETTER bra for 15$.

Reojames-THANKS! I LOVE yr blog. I used to keep scrapbooks with found items a long time ago. Now I don't have the time. At least at McDick's, I EXPECT shite service. The one near us is usually pretty good..

April-Oh lord, the Superstore. I swear, at the one I shop at, all the "work for welfare" ladies are employed. BUT, in their defense, I don't think they are trained, and there is NO ONE EVER supporting them. That said, I can never find a manager, anyone to help me, or anyone who can manage to NOT squish the bread.

What did he do? Or did they pull something like our local Wal-Mart did once, and stick a 16 year old TRAINEE on the express cash two days before Christmas?

GOD I HATE Superstore......

I've had trouble at make-up counters. Mac in particular... where I've waited with tubes of sampler lipstick in my hand and have gotten no friendly hello. Finally I treated it like the dive bar that it is and pulled out cash and waved it. jerks. their lipstick cakes anyway.

"my trusty work companion" That's me! I feel like a superhero sidekick. *Kapow*

I know I will not buy anything there again. for sure....

where have you been Kelly?

I don't expect service at the Bay. I just hope they leave me the hell alone and act vaguely polite when I approach them.

Pretty rude to ignore you completely, though.

Working at those retail joints is a bit unreal. I know at Sears they expect sales ladies to have their hair, nails, make up done. They also have to dress in business attire since they are serving women professionals. All that for a $7/hr job. Crazy.

I can't be arsed to dress up for a lot of things. When I'm at the mall it's usually in jeans, t-shirt, and ponytail.

(P.S. Superstores know that their service sucks. They don't care because we keep going back for the "low" prices.)

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