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Favortites Friday-I'm Lazy

So today's question is born of sickness, laziness, and a gentle wish to be 17 again, for a day or so.

What is your favorite not quite legal drug?
Me? I miss dropping Acid. Of course, I had to stop once I developed a twitch, but man, that was a great year....

Only a year?

I miss it as well, except for the one bad trip during a Frank Zappa concert.

anything that'll put me to sleep

I'm for the most part with atom...but, I miss my hash the most. Course, I don't know, the PCP made for nice stories...

Straight girl here. Wine and Beer are my medicine. Only legal because the gov't can tax the hell out of it!

Hi there. It's been a busy week for me, but I wanted to say thanks for your comments at my Lloyd Goodwin's Grave blog entry. Hope you're having a nice night, Thordora...

I haven't done any real strong illegeal drugs for years. I would have to say coke, not the stuff you drink.
Once in while I'll smoke a little pot. Aveage every 4 to 6 months.
I live in Idaho and we got a lot of people in prision for drugs and their not violent people.

Oh, there was more than one year...it's just that the year I was 17 involved WAAAY more than you should do...

sooooo wrong and yet sooooo right....

Back in the day mine was booze. now I can't take the hangover, besides there are other things that that money can go to...

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