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I can't find the words lately. They fall out beneath my feet like land when swimming. One second they are there, the next, tenous, whispering, barely acknowledged. Like they never were.

I try to explain this to the people closest to me, and I find myself tongue tied, I who cannot ever keep still. I can't say why suddenly the sky has fallen, and the cycles have begun to overwhelm me. I cannot explain why it's me on the deck in moonlight, trying to cry quietly so I won't have to tell you I just don't fucking know why it still hurts, regardless of anything.

The words have escaped, and it's beginning to feel that everything else is trying to follow.

I can't find the reason, nor the will...

glad to see I'm not the only one, maybe I should liek you, keep shut up. I tend to run like diarrhea of the mouth and upset ppl

Hope things get better.

from this entry i supposed you're feeling better??!!

I'm feeling odd lately....very odd....I pride myself on being able to communicate, so when I can't I get frustrated, lash out, and then close in...

It sucks...

sounds very familiar.

Life comes in waves... we ride the peaks and ride out the valleys...

Just be gentle to yourself and let it run its course.

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