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Why in hell......

does the little tab thingy on my morning coffee never stay down? I end up ripping it off, which then means coffee all over me.......

because "they're" out to get us.

Same with mine, ,I think it's called they're cheap. I like it when they run out of coffee lids and instead give us cappuchinno lids, they are made with heavier plastic and click nicely into place.

Yeah, those tab thingies suck.

Maybe try taking the lid off and trying to stick it in place... Or taking the lid off before ripping the tab off?

Or get an insulated mug.

OR stop loving my TIm's fix so much...

nah...I'll just keep bitching.

See Karen, I tried the insulated mug thing. Not good considering I'll FORGET about my coffee for days if not weeks. Ever seen coffee turn into Guiness? NOT pretty.

And if I take the lid off and rip the things off, either myself or my desk gets covered in XL triple triple.

Sigh......it's a hard life sometimes.

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