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I tried again and
found that I had lost that special
umph, sacred holy place that
makes us something

we hold it for moments, here and there and
everywhere, we see it in each other's eyes so
momentarily and scarce.

I tried holding it like
butter melting from my fingers it

Form changes, but is never destroyed.
Where have we moved our loves?

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nice poem, about anyone in particular?

It's a rumination on how "love" changes-finding the idea intriguing that how we love people changes-Lately I've been missing that first year-you know, when you can't keep your hands off each other, all you think about is eachother...but I also know that isn't sustainable, and I'd miss the comfortable place we have...

it's just that sometimes, you miss that thrill, and wonder if the love has left, and not just changed...

blah blah blah...I'm so full of myself it's disgusting

BELIEVE me I know what you mean, that is half my problem I think, and maybe half the divorces are caused this way, searching for the pheremone induced joy that makes you blind toall but love. That probably isn't real love, just the falling in love....but still, doesn't it feel somuch better than just boring ol' love? I think so.

The first part, I have observed after almost 15 years, is lust. We were lucky, the lust lasted for 5 years. Then we bought a house and the "honeymoon" was over. I'm noticing that lately the lust is coming back. I'm trying to allow myself to feel the good stuff. I had myself closed off from feeling any kind of pleasure (sexual, platonic, anything enjoyable). I don't know why I was denting myself those things. I guess that I just didn't feel like I deserved them. The head is in a better place now and that has made all the difference.

That would be "denying".

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