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Today's post at Female of the Species got me to thinking about my birthday.

I'm a wee bit ambivalent about my birthday.

I don't care about age-I never have. Since my mother died, I've felt 40, so I never worry about age or numbers. We age, big deal. I've never been some pretty young thing either, so it's not like I mourn the passing of my ass or anything.

I'm torn about the whole thing. Half of me wants a HUGE fuss, since I've never EVER, except for one surprise party that my father's girlfriend likely set up when I was 12 or 13, had a big fuss made over me. Hell, I gave birth twice without so much as a flower from the Dorf. I want cake. I want balloons. I want flowers at work to make the other girls jealous (and please ladies, you fool no one-that is the ONLY reason we want flowers at work). I don't need a lot of money spent, it's the principal of it.

The other half of me is used to my birthday being forgotten or ignored (i actually had to remind my father almost every year of the date). My mother used to make birthday's special, but after that....meh...

So what about the rest of you? What are your expectations for your birthday's?

Interesting! Deb Nutrition

Truthfully, I want to feel special. Like I matter - not just as a mother or a wife or a friend or even as a lover. Not that I matter because of what I do for othes. But that I am special as a person, not by my actions. Does that make sense? I'm not sure it does - I opened the Southern Comfort and its now 12.15am. I didn't have the ice cream though.

One person today made me feel that special. I hope you get that on your birthday too.

My thought on my birthday has alot to do with my faith, and that is that every year "He" gives me is a blessing. And the day "He" takes away is also a blessing for me. I hope that doesn't hurt you. It's not meant to be insensitive. I know that you are still in real pain over your mom passing and I am so sorry that you carry that with you everyday.

You should have cake, every year on your birthday. Something sweet to issue the new year on. That's my thought. Sending love to you! m.

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Happy birthday enjoy everything about your birthday plus more. Hey my mom had the same birthday is yours

Yup Fuss away but that's my dream world.
But what do I get? Always A cake (Burnt around the edges..)and a sideways nod of the head and a muttered Happy Birthday in passing. Thankfully My oldest is 7 and I get the best thing ever, Homemade cards!

You are right...I love flowers at work because everyone gets jealous...and curious. Hubby threw me a surpirse party for my 40th...it was fun but I don't care to do it again. This year I will be 42...wow, I still fee about 30, I don't think we will do anything real exciting, which is fine with me. I hope that you enjoy yours.

a phone call, that's all it takes... but if you read my birthday entries in my blog you'll see i got 2 birthday parties :D but then again, it was my 21st...

I don't have much in the way of expectations for my birthday sadly, it was often celbrated growing up and no one usually even remembers, my husband tries and he is the first person to really get excited about it for me. I think I want a big 30th, so I stop my crying and carrying on long enough to blow out my candles amongst friends.

Stop braggin Atom.

You know, we need to start a new trend of women having cool birthdays....

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