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LIttle Lamb Lost

Her school holds a contest: "Write about a caring act you did selflessly." It's a catholic school, these things are normal.

She can't think of anything.

Her mother mentions her neighbour. Her heart speeds then drops, she looks away, around, over, everywhere but there. Her mother thinks it's a terribly good idea.

It takes her days to write it. Her teeth clench as she writes about her good "deeds". She leaves out the part about him touching her. She doesn't dare mention the things she tries so desperately to forget.

She feels sick. She wins second place.

They give her a lamb doll as a prize.

Baa Baa black sheep...

She keeps the newspaper clipping to remind herself what hatred is.

God! Yeah, I guess you WOULDN'T have much "good deeds" to tell about willingly since you paid for them dearly!

I wish I knew what to say. It all sounds so trite xx


Hope that fucker burns in hell.

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