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You know....

few things drive me as fucking catshit as that whole "talk like a pirate" day thing....

I never realized how much I fucking HATE pirates. Except for Jack Sparrow.

News in my world, since I've been both morose and lazy.....
  • Vivian spent her first night in a big girl bed. Since the Dorf and I have spent today patting ourselves on the back, I'm quite sure something will go terribly wrong at some point.
  • We found a VERY awesome chick to sit our kids, who has a boy Vivian can play with. They had a "test run" last week. He dropped something on her toe, she wacked him with a hammer.
  • My evil work compatriot and I are taking Vivian to the ZOO tonight! While I am morally opposed to zoos, she'll love it. I made the mistake of telling Vivian about it this morning-the Dorf called asking for my death since ALL she has done all day is ask about the zoo....
  • Fuckwit on the motorbike has begun again. Operation Mail Out is about to turn into Operation Nasty Anon Letters.
  • I no longer report to the PuffinCunt! WOO HOO!

I'm sure there is more, but this is likely enough.

I want Pizza Hut. My ass is not big enough.

Please comment with post ideas. It's a lazy, beige week, and we've had enough of my childhood tramas for awhile I imagine.

Oh, and go make Herge feel bad...

New supervisor. Woohoo. Nothing worse than a puffincunt.

We did swimming last night. The painful part was getting in the fucking bathing suit. At least at the zoo you can keep your clothes on.

Yahoo, raise!!!

My gut is not big enough. I'm still doing things to make myself fatter.

I'm getting my period, though... (What's my excuse for the other three weeks of each month???)

I'm in a fucking crabby mood. Sorry. I'll go spread it to Herge's blog.

That whole talk like a pirate thing kind of left me somewhat stunned into silence too.

But in honour of Capt Jack Sparrow, my favourite shop has launched 'black pearl'

If you like lingering in the bath, then check out this site.....


Now there is an american site - if you go to lush.com instead of that link up there, you will find it - but they don't have black pearl yet - I checked just for you!

And no, I don't work for them, I'm no I don't get commission - I just think that every girl deserves a Lush moment in her life...

Oh and a little secret - S will be getting a black pearl at Christmas, now don't go telling her...

that's funny...

Lush is based in Canada, and I love it. However, I can't go in the stores. Just walking past one makes me gag form the smell. I don't know how they work there...

never heard of lush and glad that you are having a good week thordora!

We have a pool. I was in it twice because there is NO way in hell I'm wearing a bathing suit.

MegaBrad sends us here...how's it going? Just out on a blog walk and was at MegaBrad's...come visit if you like sometime:
I'm going to look around, after all, MegaBrad sends us here!
Have a good one,

congrats on the raise!!

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