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Question for Friday

I keep my blog a secret from my family and the Dorf. Some friends know, but since I don't have many friends, it's not a big worry. I don't tell the Dorf since I need at least ONE place he isn't. I've never met someone who asks so many questions about things that don't concern him in my life.....

So tell me, how many of you keep your blogs secret, and why?

It's a good thing you are not married to me - I probably ask more questions than Dorf does.

I do not keep mine secret from anyone I know, but i do keep it secret from those at work - anti-religion and anti-bush rants tend not to go over well with an all-day all-jesus group of folks who are only pissed at Bush because he isn't conservative enough.

I can't wait to move back to Massachussetts.

I'd rather that people who knew me didn't know about my blog, mainly because I'm more open (and foul-mouthed) there than I am in real life. I think 2 people who know me read my blog; one I'm really pleased about, the other I'd rather not have found it.

Keep it to yourself; it's much better that way.

I don't tell too many people especially if I want to write about them. Definitely don't tell work mates. Told the Nemisis but he probably wasn't even listening when I did.

no one i know in person knows my blog, except 1 who doesn't really know my other friends, and she's totally trustworthy... so it's like no one knows it...

why?? well, i don't know!! it's my getaway!! my own personal space, where i can say whatever i want & not care about being judged!! i can be myself!!

No Rud, I couldn't handle that. I HATE the 20 question routine....of course, I quiz him on his suicide girl habits, so it's only fair....

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Most of my coworkers thankfully don't even know what a blog is, and so, I don't worry. The only one who reads it I'd make fun of to her face anyway.... (just kidding Nat....

Personal I told only one person about my blogg. The feeling, opioun,(how ever you spell it)facts and places are all true. One thing I do change the names. I guess if someone want to find out what I said about them they would have to find my blogger.
Personly I thought of menching that I keep a blogger to my brother inlaw and his wife. They would sit on the computer try to figure out how to find my blogger.
I don't care if other read my blogger. Most people rather be tell little white lies so their world won't be come up set.

My husband reads my blog on occassion, which is fine by me, my sister, and any other relatives, I hope to god they never find it.

Mine is secret from many. I live in L.A., most people here are so open minded that their brains fall out. I'm not open minded. I know what I like and I know what I don't like. If I told people how I really felt on most issues they would make me use a seperate drinking fountain.

Quite a few of my real life friends know (and read it). My boyfriend reads it. It's very true that you can't disclose your blog to anyone you want to complain about. I find that sometimes I have to diplomatically rant about someone... Times when I wish my blog was more secret.

Family members: I'll never tell them about it, but if they make the effort to find my confessional of sex, opinion, and bad attitude, well it's their own damn fault for digging.

That's funny comrade-I feel that way even on my blog, a space where only a few people who "know me" read.....I think that's the one by product of the "PC" movement-we never speak our minds, even if we're wrong or misguided. It's a shame really, since then some of us lose the chance to change....

And like you said Karen-if they look for it an find it, their bad!

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