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Life on the Bus

Whenever I ride the bus in this craptastic town, I wonder things....stuff like....

  • Why, if you will be walking towards the rear of the bus when you exit, do you walk to the FRONT door? Is it really that hard to wave your hand to open the rear exit?
  • Why, when the BLIND person with the seeing eye dog enters, does NO ONE MOVE until the driver tells you too, even when you are wacked by the person's cane? And even then, it's the old lady that moves, not the young person.
  • WHY Mr. "600ilb, makes the bus list to the side", do you insist and yapping at the driver the entire time, and then stand there talking for 5 minutes when you get off? I'd like to go home too.
  • Why do people in Neon's and Aveo's think they will win a game of chicken with the bus? WHY?!?!?
  • If I have a baby with me, or a cake in my hands, why is it necessary to SLAM on the brakes just for a bus stop? You knew it was coming, I would hope....

I love transit, I really do, but somedays.....if the people weren't so bloody stupid, it wouldn't be so bad but my god....I've seen people walk from the back of the bus to get off at the front door, and then have to barge through a group of seniors to do so. You're 25! USE THE BACK DOOR FUCKTARD!

Here are the transit authority's answers;
-I can't wave my hand at that back door, because I am holding a cake, a baby and the other one is in my pants!
-We are certain that the blind person can't see us so why bother moving?
- mr's 600 lbs has an oral fixation.if her's not eating he'd be a talkin.
-small car driver's have a death wish.
-Bus drivers don't get paid enough for dealing with the toads , they have got to have SOME fun!!!Watching you fall over with a cake! LOL!

I guess you havent' ridden our transit system here in Hamilton, ON then? It freaking sucks and there arent' enough buses to accomodate the hundred or so ppl crushed like sardines on the bus who cannot even SEE Their stop let alone have room to give up their seat. That said, I HATE people who'd leave the infirm/pregnant or elderly standing when there is nothing matter with them cept for laziness.

Looooooove that public transportation. :)

Busses suck - only metros are cool.

I live in such rink dinky area we don't even have public transportion here.


no comment!

I hate driving so much... I wish we had public transportation, even with all the crap you have to put up with. I would LOVE to ride the bus.... just let me stand on the back bumper.... Just don't make me drive another mile!

My grandmother had the right idea. She just never got her driver's license. Hah! Wish I would have thought of that 30 years earlier!

Oh, I used to ride transit in Toronto, so believe me Rowan, I know....the streetcar was my particular hatred, since every asscrap guy in T.O. rides it, AND thinks he's the man....


Liked your comment Liesl...made me giggles

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