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Boycott? What are we, morons?

So suddenly, flight attendants are saying boycott the new movie "Flightplan" since in the movie, a flight attendant colludes with an air marshal to extort a ransom. Apparently, since 9/11, it's critical that "the cabin crew to have the support of their passengers, not the distrust that this movie may engender".

Um, it's a movie, right? If I follow this train of thought, no police officer ever follows the actual law, fat chicks never get any, and Spinal Tap really IS a cool band.

Come on. I know that our "modern" society gets stupider by the minute, and that apparently, you need to legislate common sense to death, but really. When I fly, I am prepared to listen to a flight attendant since they know the job, just like I listen to my dentist. Regardless of how many time I watch "Airplane", I'm not going to act any differently.

Apparently the other attendants treat customers rudely and are unsympathetic to a character they believe to be delusional....hmmmm...

that's the real problem. The rudeness was a bit too close to reality me thinks.

Read the full article here.

Problem is too many people have blurred vision when it comes to truth or fiction. Just look at all the outraged people against the Da Vinci Code novel. Hello, people wake up! Fiction is fiction. What are they afraid of?

this is exactly whats wrong with the world today, no one is accountable for thier own actions anymore - sickening!

Let's just avoid the freaking movie because it looks really shi++y and is getting poor reviews.

Big professional outcry over how Nip/Tuck portrays plastic surgeons. This case is different, however... Many of us have actually ENCOUNTERED a flight attendant in his/her line of duty. People in any service job can be rude. People in any job can be corrupt.

I like Jodie Foster. I'm glad her movie is doing well.

That's the thing that's totally amusing me-every review says the movie is totally unrealistic and, well, that the movie sucks.

I could see if it was a viable scenario, but really......

Next up: Mothers boycott movies portraying babies as smelly, loud creatures!

Welcome to life in Sheepleville, USA>

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