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Actual Conversation once you have kids.

The Dorf calls me at work.

"OMFG, you won't BELIEVE what Vivian just did."

"um, ok...."


"You know I hate this game. Fuck off and tell me. I'm busy."

"Fine. She just whipped off her pants and diaper, and started running around the house yelling "bye pants!"

"ok......amusing I guess.."

"I thought it was, hold on, Vivian-NO! Shit-have to hose her off in the tub." CLICK.

Yes, Dorf, when the child whips her pants and diaper off, is running around and then suddenly gets REALLY quiet, it's NOT a good thing.

We're still finding shit on the deck.

Ewwww yuck! Hopefully that won't become a daily ritual for Viv.

ROTFL! "Bye pants!" I'm gonna try that. Sounds fun. :)

oh dear!

Unfortunately, and I do hate to admit it, my son is at a similar stage currently.

it's so nasty...and I'm trying to not be weird about it, you know, be all progressive and calm, and it's SO not working....

I get SO nasty when my husband starts that "guess what?" crap with me! He thinks it's fun It's one of my biggest pet peeves and he knows it!


Talk about "staining the deck", Bahahaha!

thanks brad....that was gross...:P

and I cannot STAND the "guess" game. IT's bad enough it takes two hours for him to tell a story...

Oh... and I REALLY can't stand it when he's repeating a 2-hour story I've already heard. I'm thinking.... "just shoot me now and get it over with..."

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