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FOOD: Love it, or leave it?

Now, those who know me are well aware that I'm what you might call a picky eater. (well, I don't consider it picky so much as selective but I digress...) If I could just be hooked up to an IV, and be fed that way, I would do it. I don't really like to eat. And what I end up eating, is NOT good for me. AT ALL.

Now, I'm getting sick of people who like weird things (like, gee, I dunno, FRUITCAKE) making fun of my eating habits. I never claimed to be normal, or like normal foods.


Olives. OMFG I hate olives more than almost anything. They smell like BODY ODOR. They taste disgusting. They look like giant boogers. Did I mention they smell like B.O.? Man, I don't know how anyone eats them really.

Tomatoes: I sat on the bus one day listening to two older folks talk in almost obscene terms about how much they loved biting into a raw tomato. I was a few shades of green after that. I used to sorta like them, but after my second pregnancy, I can barely look at them. I can deal with tomato sauces, but the juice or actual tomatoes. barf. GROSS. All those weird ass seeds and slimy gook-no thank you.

FRUITCAKE: Do I really need to explain? Just the smell...the stuff is denser than solid maple, smells weird, and I have a secret nagging thought that it's really an explosive device.

Diet Coke: Really-the trade off is sugar and taste versus tastes like ass and might cause cancer. Really, no battle. It even smells like crap, and I'm fairly confident I could use it as a chemical weapon.

Food I Like:
Mashed Potatoes & Maple Baked Beans. It sounds gross. It LOOKS even worse. It tastes like heaven on a cold day when yr really hungry. Have to use real butter and MAPLE beans however.

Normal Coke: Ah, the reason behind my large behind. Nectar O'the Gods!

And that's about it....I don't like food that much....


No olives? No tomatos? That's ok. They were put on earth JUST FOR ME!!!! Eveybody else that likes them are robbing my supply. Have you ever tried escargot? Hmm? How about raw oysters? Sushi?

I love olives. Black, green, brown, sliced or whole. They are one of the great foods.

I must disagree with you on the olive front, but when it comes to Diet vs. real Coke, everyone knows you are right. There should be a healthwarning on the Diet stuff!

I like kalamata olives (in Greek salad). I miss Pepsi Max (1/3 sugar, 2/3 cancer). I drink the diet stuff instead. I already have lots of ways to make myself fat.

I'm so in agreement with you on the olives and tomatoes.

Now pilchards and sardines are mu hugest hate - I can't even look at a closed tin without feeling sick - and to think that someone actually eats them....

And I love mashed potato with baked beans - over here it's Heinz beans - has to be Heinz beans.

It's funny, I picked up this cool cookbook from 1971, and it was talking about how people either love or hate olives, and it's so true.

I've tried to like them. I really have. But the last time I tried the kalamata ones in a salad, I nearly lost my salad all over the table. God, just the though is making me want to hurl....I try to like foods, but olives are not likable. Not to me. I know they are good for me, but really good olive oil is as close as I can get.

Brad: Snails, sushi-HELL NO. I had a friend who's VERY french mother would eat snails all the time. THis is the same woman who snuck me some duck without warning, and ended up wearing it when I spit it out......sushi.....shudder....I DO NOT eat anytime of fish or seafood...I forgot to add that one. My father the maritimer, has tried for almost 30 years to convince me that there is no "fishy" smell. I beg to differ....ew ew ew ew.

Sardines....man-my one Aunt used to eat them out of the can, and wag them into her mouth.TRULY disgusting. And YEAH! Another beans and potatoe girl. Yes-Heinz beans, but they MUST be the maple ones...do you have those in England? Might be a Canadian thing....

I love all kinds of olives, agree with you on the mashed potatoes and beans thing, yes only maple, tomato beans is yuck! but tho' I've never tried the two together, sounds wonderful and full of carby goodness.I have to disagree with the coke tho', diet here only unless I am needing a sugar high, then I go for the regular...must be cause I grew up in a diabetic home, so never had regular coke till I was a teenager. I loved tomatoes till this year when I grew them, and now, I have had my fill for a while, but I also like the odd piece of fruitcake, just call me nutty, just not regularly.

Olives are not a big favourite with me. On pizza, or in a salad, and that's it. I only by the jars of salad olives. And never, ever black ones.

I agree, tomatoes are just gross.

My ex's fruitcake was magnificent. Made in the fall and soaked in brandy for at least three months.

I like fried bread. Food of the gods.

When I was a kid I didn't like hominy now I do. Also when I was a kid I never liked Lima beans and I don't know if I like them now.
Most day on my blogg I been writting about the 10 things I don't like.

OMG.... Just give regular Coca Cola everyday and I'd never need to eat again! I could give up all other forms of consumable food and beverages.... but NEVER Coke! My best friend (the one who drives me around) will sometimes look at my face and say, "I'd better stop and get you a Coke or you're gonna pass out." And she'd be right.

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