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a coworker is listening to Sonny & Cher and I club her to death like a baby seal, will they REALLY send me to jail?

WHY do people have such shite taste in music?

VNUnet pushes for share of blog audience
Tech site VNUnet has announced a partnership with US blogging giant Gawker Media to publish content from gadget blog Gizmodo on key European sites.
Find out how to buy and sell anything, like things related to private road construction on interest free credit and pay back whenever you want! Exchange FREE ads on any topic, like private road construction!

Crap! You got spammed. Maybe you should think of using that word verification thing...

Don't forget to check if it was a tape or a cd playing that godforsaken stuff and destroy that too!!

who know why people do what they do

Actually, I clicked on the link and the site made NO SENSE. Funny really.

I'm thinking of starting a blog that lists my spam, and the corresponding emails after that, or showing what the spam is for. I mean REALLY-do you think that if you leave me spam I'll buy your stupid butt plugs or what not?

The word verf annoys me more than the spam. The spam is, if nothing else, cause for amusement.

And sadly, not a tape. The radio. After Sonny & Cher it was that infernal "Wind beneath my wings" song. She sang along. She can't sing.....

You've got me babe! I've no idea.


Well, can you tell her the music distracts you and you can't work? Make her wear earphones.

IDK, might be nice to HAVE people around me while I"m at work, I work totoally alone and it's....lonely.

here... take out your anger...


this is not spam, i assure you

Could be worse, I suppose. Hard to imagine how, but Celine Dion springs to ming...

Could be worse, I suppose. Hard to imagine how, but Celine Dion springs to mind...

Nay... Michael Bolton!

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