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The Thong

For the first time ever, the Dorf went and purchased some underthings for me. Amazingly, my heart did not stop out of shock.

I was at the mall, and noticed the silly things were on sale. I always need underthings since I am infernally picky, and do not have an underthing friendly body. I bought one, with the thought that if I like it, they are on sale, I'll get more. It was black with silver sparkles, and I am a sucker for anything black with silver sparkles.

Let it be know that wandering around with a piece of cotton snaking up my behind has never been something I was particularily attracted to. Those women who expounded on the joys of the ththththong-CRAZY LADIES. I mean rationally, it makes no sense.

Then I wore one flashing out the top of my jeans around the house. And it ALL made perfect sense.

Remember how you always have that one friend in high school with that dog who will NOT stop humping your leg? Follows you around, eyes pleading? The Dorf turned into this dog.

He pleaded. He poked. He was extremely attentive.

Dude. This could be fun.

So, I suckered him into purchasing more. I said, I'll wear them, YOU buy them. I figured he couldn't mess up anything about this transaction, since there was only two types in said store.

He did it. I came home to a bag on the bed, and a message how I would need to "model" everything.

Now, I still don't get the huge attraction. I will agree that now that I have the right size, they are incredibly comfy, but I don't get the huge deal about them. But, for the first time in seven (almost 8) years, he expressed interest AND bought me lingerie.

Small victory I know. I now understand the TRUE allure of the thong however.

My hubby likes me to wear these too. I really don't like to, but since they are only on for a minute or two, I'll put up with them for him. :-)

Men are funny creatures.

I've never worn one in my life... the feeling of having a constant wedgy up my butt doesn't do anything for me lol... very unattractive.

I hate the girls who show off their "underthingies"... ie; wearing tight... "oh my goodness why are you suffocating yourself" pants and have their underthingies showing... PURPOSELY showing!

they are great...hide the panty lines to boot.

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