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People who irritate me

  • Stupid chicks. I will never, ever understand why someone needs to sing the Jefferson's theme song, REALLY REALLY loud at work. EVER. Or why chicks wear clothes meant for mid July in India, and wonder why they're cold. Or girls who date stupid men. Or girls who wear shoes with 8 inch heels and fall down.

  • STUPID STUPID STUPID. These are the same girls that wonder why it itches when they pee after wearing those super hot tight pants.

  • Jack Fricken Layton. hey Jack-guess what?
  • You can hitch up your pants in Parliment all you want-those two people clapping? Those are the ONLY people who care! No one listens to you because no one likes you! GO AWAY! Bob Rae left a sinking ship, and nothing you do with make it float!

  • Bernard Lord. Will someone please make him smoke crack just ONCE? I particularily love how he sits on the fence regarding day care money just so the stay at home people don't get mad, or lose out on the money. Those of us who CANNOT afford to stay home, and are REALLY broke paying for childcare, or surviving on less hours, we TOTALLY dig that.

What, me give you money? NEVER!

  • Ben Stiller.
    Ew. Everytime I see this guy I think of steel wool pads, and insulation and how much these things make me itch. He BOTHERS me. Like when a scab is itchy he bothers me.He's as funny as scabies. I don't get it.

  • The lady on that god awful airmiles commercial "Do I have my air miles card?" I DON'T CARE!!!!She stands in the line up mulling over all the cool shit she's received via air miles. NEWS FLASH! TO begin with, sitting in the line up for that long staring into space will get you killed. And secondly, NO ONE EVER gets the big stuff unless they save up until they're 45. ARGH! BAD ACTING MAKE BRAIN HURT.

  • The kid playing PSP with the sound ON behind me on the bus. I shall find you. Fucker.

Is it just me or does Ben Stiller look like an ape?

Ah see in Australia... we have something similar to the "air miles card" called "fly buys". It's stupid really... $5 = 1 point... and the minimum amount of points to gain rewards is 11000... you do the math, its around $55000! And this is what you receive "$100 voucher to spend at Myers"... unbelievable, and to think people here are crazy about it. I guess they think they are getting things for free until they start noticing their wallets staving for attention, instead they're giving the "fly buys" card all the love.

no one should have to put up with stupidity

i agree most of all withthe stiller comment.

the stupid fucking points....almost as good as "let me find my 30 cents off coupons" and then STAND THERE for 5 minutes....30 fucking cents!

ID 10 T errors abound....

Ben Stiller Movies really suck.
He's a great actor for dumb movies.
Wait he's not acting he's just being himself. Could never understand why people waste good money on his stuff.
Specially now that he snubed Mtl, he's
dead to me.

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