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And Dumber
Can we talk about how much I'm looking forward to voting again?!?

I'm totally with ya there. I feel like we're going to be caught in an unending cycle of lather, rinse, repeat. Or, elect a minority government, vote them down, repeat.

I'm sure it won't happen because things are different now than they were then, but I'd love to see the Conservatives suffer the same fate as they did in 1993. They deserve it for causing this fucking election after one of the most unproductive parliaments I can remember. Who wants to vote in the Winter in the first place, and who wants to vote when the best choice, Martin, is probably just going to wind up winning another minority and leaving us right back where we are now?

NO SHIT. that is exactly what will happen, since what are our options? I'll vote green just because it's the only option that won't make me vomit.

I'm SOOOO running in the next municipal election. i'm sick of bitching and whining. I want to see how long until I suck too.

And I'm sure Harpo will get crushed, out of principal. I mean really-EVERYONE is broke and bitchy in january. BRILLIANT.

And I SWEAR, if Layton stands there looking all proud of himself ONE MORE TIME I will find him and bitch slap him. And now his WIFE is getting in it too....

Sometimes I wish I believed in god so I could pray for something BAD BAD BAD to happen to all three of them....

That's... that's beautiful. ::sniff:: It brings a tear to my eyes...


I wish I could say the same but I recently moved to a frickin red state. There's no way in hell my vote'll count.


I wouldn't have cared if the vote was set for xmas morning I would have been the first one in line to vote!

I couldn't handle the electoral system....even watching your elections makes me sick....

that said, Ross is right. You should vote.

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