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My Lovely Lady Lumps

Now normally, I take pop music with a LARGE hunk of salt. It's just one of those things, like chupa chupas's-not terribly good for you, you can't eat them very much, but sometimes, an ok thing.

But the latest Black Eyed Peas song is slowly, and irrevocably, driving me totally insane.

"My lovely lady lumps."

"My Hump"

Am I the ONLY chick who finds the thought of referring to any part of her body as a hump or a lump just a little....gross? Let's break it down:

When I think of "Lump", I think of the following:
  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Crappy gravy
  3. Crappy Mashed Potatoes
  4. Icky HUGE Adam's Apples on men with bad acne
  5. A cat underneath the duvet

When I think of "Hump", I think of:

  1. Ski Hills
  2. Camels
  3. Dry Humping in Grade School
  4. Trolls
  5. Something you drive over at night in the woods

None of these qualify as something I would like to consider my boobs or my ass. Hey, don't get me wrong, I have nothing inherently against trolls or roadkill or ski hills. I just don't want to look down at the sisters and start thinking, "gee, my lady lumps are rather droopy....not enough time underneath a bridge me thinks...

It does NOT help that I cannot get this bloody song, for all it's banality, out of my fricken head. For two days I've been driven batty by it, which is odd, since I never ever get songs stuck in my head. (Aside from this one Aphex Twin song...) It bothers me in the same way my bastard neighbours who can't be bothered to let their 2 year old play with my two year old bother me.

Then I found it.


Robots with a master with FAR FAR too much time on his hands. But I thank him for it. Please, watch. It's worth it.

On a more mundane note, the Dorf was pleased with himself tonight. Our Swiss Chalet was courtesy of, why Swiss Chalet. He held the guy to the time. It was a WHOPPING one minute late.

He'll be puffy like a chicken for weeks now.

Show some love folks. Winter is here.

That's fantastic! Completely hilarious! For what it's worth, I'm a bloke and the lyrics to that song gross me out. But, um, is it really that much better to call them your sisters?!

Anyway, it's time for those "family" pics. :P

I hate this song too, my 10 year old loves it, they're her favourite band. I find the image associate with humps to do with bump and grind, and lumps to be some kind of genital warts. yuck! I call 'em like I see 'em. TITS!

Just to let you know you've won the latest SSW caption contest. Well done.

I've put up a banner on my blog and added you to the SSW BlogRoll.

My wife loves that song and I hate it madly.

"Whatcha gonna do with all that A-aaassss... all that A-aaaassss in those jeans."

Doesn't even rhyme. Wankers.

You're so right. Lump doesn't make me think of anything pleasant at all. I like the Black Eyed Peas, but I can't stand that song even a little tiny bit. Thanks for the robot link. It's the perfect antidote.

That is beautiful. I absolutely hate hate hate that song. lady lumps? Gick!

GACK! I every SINGLE FREAKING time I turn MM on, that bloody ass of hers is in my face! Then I remember this picture I had of her pissing herself on stage and it is NOT good....

*sticks hand up and agrees*

I cannot bear that song - drives me insane - and yes, predictably enough my girls (8 & 5) love it and sing it all the time. Ban the bloody lumpy humpy whatever...

I have been blessed enough to have NEVER heard that song before. Don't ask me how I've managed it because, honestly, I can't explain it.

And I'm STILL laughing at "the sisters."

You have never heard it? You are one lucky dude.

ESPECIALLY when you consider that I cannot hide from the bloody song.

Even now-I'm listening to Tori Amos, and I'm STILL singing that song somewhere in my head....

bastards...I bet there are subliminal messages too...

That song sucks, but you just gave me an idea. Maybe Tori Amos should cover it. I'm not much of an Amos fan either, but that would rule.

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