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I'm sick...

AGAIN. The worst part about kids is they are portable biowarfare units. I can't swallow, can't cough since it feels like razors up my throat, and generally feel like crap. AND I have some deadlines, so I HAVE to work today, even at home...


questions answered tonight or tomorrow, whenever I DO NOT feel like death.

You just described my entire Monday, Thordora. It started with searing sinus pain, followed by a sore throat, medicine head and wooziness. Now I've got this splitting headache that refuses to go away. Uggity ugh!

Hope we both feel better.

i empathize with you... *hug*... achoo!!

I quit working fulltime as a social worker because I didn't have enough damn sick time to recover from all the damned diseases they pick up at daycare! I am thankful that the other half has a good paying job so that I can take care of our minion with out dying of mono.

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