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The wonderful magic that is..."BEARDS"

So, I'm sitting on the bus on my way home the other night, when I notice about three men with those thick puffy beards standing around. Now honestly, I thought that perhaps the conversions to Islam were on the increase-then I remembered that winter is coming, and you need all the insulation you can get (hence the lack of shaving on the legs).

And I stopped to think. I LIKE beards. I really do-they're bushy and fuzzy and you can, in some cases, hide things in the bears or do neat things to it. He keeps a face warm, hides stupid looking chins, makes a guy look marginally interesting. Beards beg to be yanked.

You could use these like a dip stick!

People with Beards
Serj Tankian
Kenny Rogers
Ulysses S. Grant
Sigmund Freud
Lao Tsu

MOUSTACHES on the other hand, make me rather ill. There is something weasely about a moustache. Like the guy can't be bothered to tend to a beard, and instead copped out and left that thin ickly line of steel wool on his lip. Who wants to kiss a guy with one? When the Dorf grows his in, it's hard and pokey and annoying, and I won't go near him until it's gone. It HURTS.

ICK ICK ICK. He looks like a blind mole rat.

People with Moustaches
Adolf Hitler
Hulk Hogan
Saddam Hussein
Geraldo Rivera

The answer is clear:

Beards: Good

Moustaches, Crazy and/or evil.

I sport a fat man's goatee. It is the hider of chin(s) indeed.

Nope. I don't like facial hair. Nothing worse than kissing someone with facial hair. Nothing worse than food/lint etc getting caught in it. There are exceptions, like Will Smith (he had a little goatee at one time and maybe a few others) but in general I'm a nay sayer.

Goodness no. Is there a bumper sticker for this. Just say no! (to facial hair ...)?

Dude, if you'd written my high school anthropology text? I would have totally aced that class.

Who am I kidding? I never took anthropology.

Anyway, a full on beard intimidates me. It's like a guy's own, personal, barbed wire fence to keep intruders (namely me) out.

And I fear what might come crawling out of one of those in the wee hours of the night. If one of my cats goes missing? I probably know where to find it.

i like beards... but not bushy... in fact, not bushy at all... the closer to the skin, the better...

and i agree... mustaches should never go without a beard

"And I fear what might come crawling out of one of those in the wee hours of the night. If one of my cats goes missing? I probably know where to find it. "

Classic. Never thought of it that way.

The fat man's goatee....my friends mother used to call that a "bitch" I kid you not.

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