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Another day in my life

...blah blah.....

not much....the sheer amount of presents for my children is STAGGERING. The closet is FULL. Do they need ANY of it? Nope.

A few boxes will either be freecycled or given to the pregnancy center very soon, if I can convince the Dorf to let go....isn't it usually the WOMEN who are pack rats?

We just got some snow-15 cms or so! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. In about 3 weeks I'll be complaining, so enjoy it.

The cold will not relent, and I feel like crap for half the day. The doctors give me that "sissy" look when I see them, so apparently just a virus. Nothing I can do. I WISH it would become something else.

My local grocer FINALLY has TING!

Somehow, my work load has doubled lately. Hence the lack of comments on other blogs, and lack of posts on this one.....

remind me to tell you the story about the Dorf and the Green Party sign...

2 bottles of Ting for $1.75 over here!

Ting? Have I been living under a rock again?

Have the kids ever found their gifts pre-Christmas? I have NO idea how I'll handle that whenever I've got kids to play Santa for. Hats off to ya!

And FEEL BETTER, Thordora!

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