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What I DO NOT want for Xmas.

There's just so much out there NO ONE EVER NEEDS. So I thought I'd do y'all a favour and make sure you don't get me something I'll hate...

  • Fruitcake. I hates it.
  • Anything kitchen related I did NOT specifically ask for (this excludes the cookbook holder and cookbooks. I LOVE cookbooks)
  • Bath shit. No one ever gets it right, so stop trying. BUT, If it's from HER, then it's ok.
  • Cutesy Pootsey anything. Don't get me clothes that match my kids. Don't get me anything with flowers or ruffles. I'm too big for Laura Ashley. I'm not a meringne.
  • Tacky Christmas Ornaments. I love the Snowman Cookie Jar someone got me. That's as far as it goes.
  • Ditto anything tacky. I don't like tacky, unless it's a tacky souvenir (I collect those)

Just, get me gift cards. But follow the advice of Nicole at NicoleMart.

And tell me, what don't you want?

Woo hoo! I got a shout out!!!

I like tacky stuff when it knows it's tacky and fully INTENDS to be tacky. Not tacky stuff that thinks it's got class. You know...kitsch.

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