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Ah....I love the smell of commerce in the afternoon...

I haven't been online much between work and a sick Dorf (if that isn't a contradiction in terms). I can't go online for 5 minutes without him hovering over my shoulder. When I complain, he says "I just wanted to spend time together!" I can play Luxor all by myself thank you very much....

We went to ye olde mall yesterday, in part to get drugs for the whining Dorf, and to get my father a non Cosby Sweater (a joke that the guy at Sears didn't get I might add). Now, I'd love to be a cynic like it's cool to be about Christmas, but I have to admit...


I love Christmas. I love the smell of the Scotch Tape, the smell of new wrapping paper, the look of a lit tree at night, the thought of getting someone somthing they really want, unexpectedly. But when I look around in a mall, no one is happy. No one was glad to be with their family, or looking around with even a half pleased look on their face. They all looked PISSED OFF.

And I thought, that SUCKS BUTT. When I go shopping, I'm thinking about how much I want to get something that my daughter will love, or how I want to get a certain person who is tight for money, that one little item that would make their day. I'm thinking about other people, and it cheers me up. I LIKE to make other people happy.

Why can't it remain a day when we think of other people? And I don't mean in a religous way, or in a money driven way. Some of the best things I've ever received cost little to no money. Why is it so wrong, so "uncool", to actually feel and want to make others have a day a little better than they would have? Why is it so wrapped up in getting the right pants?

And I know that a lot of this relates to the fact that there are people who take advantage of things, but really, do we all want to be governed by that? Shouldn't we perform random nice acts all the time because it's the nice thing to do?

I don't know...I guess my closet hippie is manifesting today or something...but I sincerely believe that if everybody did something nice for someone else every so often, then we'd all be a little bit happier....

go ahead...call me a dorkwad.

Hey. I totally agree with you. I see so many people running around like chickens with their heads cut off, honking their horns as if they lived in New York. Chill out. If you've become miserable for the sake of Christmas, you've lost it. My friend said something that made me want to shake him. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I said I dunno, suggested a few things, but then said, na don't worry about that one, it might be expensive. This guy, who doesn't have a lot of money to burn, said, oh it doesn't matter, it's Christmas, that's what Christmas is for. No no no no no! It's for seeing friends and being happy...not blowing your whole wad. and I just got an unexpected card as I wrote this. That is what Christmas is for.

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No I won't call you a dorkwad!!! Because I am so with you on this one.

No dorkwad, Thordora.

This year especially, people seem to be dreading the holidays and I'm puzzled as to why. It's no more or less demanding than it was last year, right?

Yet, with the attitudes people seem to have, you'd think you were shopping in a mall full of death row inmates. It IS sad.

So it's NOT just me. Whew.

Good to know I'm not the only dork looking for Christmas, and finding it sadly lacking. It's like the New Year's Parties. You never find that magical one do you?

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