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I need to know.

Ok, I was just checking my sitemeter, and I REALLY need to know.

Who in the HELL searches for .....


I've no damned idea. Anyway, tell me about the Dorf and the Green Party Sign. :)

I'd have to ask "WITH WHAT????"

Probably some sort of knife i expect!

Ewh... it wasn't me!

Here's what I wonder....how does that search lead to your blog?

I'm not sure who searches for that, but I know I don't really want to meet him.

Open a scrotum? That's just scary....

What the hell's with comment no. 6? Lookslike a heap of spam.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

the fact that the word scrotum is soliciting all this HORSE spam is worrying...

Maybe its some horse thing that we don't understand. i'm a city girl I don't know what goes on on farms.

I'm not sure ANY of us really wants an answer to that question!!!

I'm hoping it was some kind of perverse typo...

oh, I have my opinions on how to open one, dontcha worry....and I should have checked to see why that led here.

oh, and NEVER use BOOBS in posts-the amount of unpleasant searches.....and there's also one named "eat her vomit" which I do NOT want to look at....

the boob searches are totally specific-there was one "pictures of 34B boobs....someone's been told the "handful" story I see...

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