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No Christmas without Christ


I love the local newspaper. I really do. The bland little topics, the lack of spellcheck, the terribly written editorials-everything SCREAMS Grade 5. It's great. But even better would be the "Letter to the Editor" page.

Oh what fun.

Out of 5 letters, 4 had to do with why Christ is my saviour and it the reason for the season.

Like no one ever did anything around the winter solstice. Like no other cultures have any type of year end celebration. Like us atheists don't celebrate the season as a reason to be nice and giving to others because it is a right and proper thing to do.

Letters like those test my strength. Instead of "letting bygones be bygones", some people are so busy bitching and whining about how their personal saviour isn't part of the holiday anymore that they lose sight of the TRUE meaning.

I spent December 23 in the grocery store, because I had to. IT SUCKED BALLS. But you know what? As I waited and waited in that line, I entertained the cutest toddler, had a nice conversation with the lady behind me and cracked up the cashier. I could have lost it, blown my stack, growled, etc. But why should I? I could have focused on the commercialism of the season, but instead thought about how happy my daughter would be on Christmas morning, how next year I can't wait for them to buy presents for charity, how I cannot be cranky this time of the year because I don't want to be.

I don't focus on the fact that I am NOT a religous person. O Holy Night still makes me cry, because it's a song about love and devotion and worship, not because of WHO it worships. It's beautiful, and I recognize it for that beauty alone. I'm nice to people because it's beautiful, and makes things easier. And I truely wish that instead of creating division with who worships what or who or if it's a tree, Christmas Tree or Holiday Tree, that someone could just agree that goodwill to all would suffice.

Why, in a season that should be full of awe for everyone, are people so intent on being foul creatures, finding fault? What happened to turning the other cheek? Why do I feel, especially during the Christmas season, that I as an atheist, am more moral thatn some of these people? And why am I made to feel less of a person because I have not found "the path to my lord and personal saviour"?

Really, from the tone, and general skills demonstrated in a lot of the letters I see, I do not WANT these personal saviours anyway. He seems a bit.....retarded.

Something as simple as being nice to others and doing nice things seems so remote and strange now. Why is that?

I'm with you. Too much religion in this world.

I agree. Are local paper letter to editor was hung up on the birth of Jesues.
I've seen to many people blinded by the light.

Dude, I feel where you're coming from and I'm a Christian.

I've never been down with the repeated touting of someone's ideology. What better way to basically ALIENATE anyone you might be trying to get your point across to. Present your case in a clear, concise, NON-condescending manner and if they don't go for it then move on.

But it's gone both ways this year. Christians are complaining that there's no Christ in Christmas and non-Christians are complaining that there's too much. How can people form such disparate opinions about the same holiday??

This is a damn good post. Damn good. See, I'm not a Christian (although I have to admit that I was Christened when I was a baby - but of course I had no say in that matter). I celebrate the Winter Solstice/Yule. But I also celebrate Christmas as a time for goodwill and peace towards everyone, regardless of faith. And that is what it should be about.

If you ask me, I think the whole Christ and Christmas thing was completely media driven and the local papers got sucked right into it.

Seriously, don't we have bigger problems to worry about then whether or not someone gets offended when they hear the two words "Merry Christmas".

I so agree with you. Everyone is just too uptight...

Oh and by the way... you can get Clifford Crunch at most Natural Food Stores (Whole Foods or PCC in the States).


The whole thing drives me bloody catshit. Where's the love?

And I think Chad is right. The papers ARE overbearing about it. I say Happy Holidays because I want to, but I also say Merry Christmas without fear.


And OH! I shall search for CLifford!! Thank you!

Although I think Nietzsche was a very tragic, demented, and crazy man, I agree with this quote,

"You, however, if your belief makes you blessed then appear to be blessed! Your faces have always been more injurious to your belief than our objections have! If these glad tidings of your Bible were written on your faces, you would not need to insist so obstinately on the authority of that book... As things are, however, all your apologies for Christianity have their roots in your lack of Christianity; with your defence plea you inscribe your own bill of indictment."

I am a Christian, but I understand why many people miss the truth of real Christianity as revealed by Christ. If we did a better job of representing Christ, I think more people would turn to Him. I pray that His glad tidings are written on my face!

Merry Christmas!

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