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Happy Whatever!

Didn't have a chance to post and let y'all know that I wish you guys a VERY Happy Holiday. Hopefully your significant others showed a little insight and got you things you wanted for once! (Yes, the Dorf got it right for once.)

However, I hope you weren't blessed with a plethora of cooking stuff like I was. I think someone is trying to tell me something....

I was blessed with a tea towel that my MIL brought back from her summer holiday. Oh, and a bar of white chocolate Toblerone. I love Toblerone. I hate white chocolate. That gift was the ultimate cruelty.

I once got a package of cocktail napkins from my MIL. How I laughed. The Nemisis got me dick all. Apparently I'm getting a BBQ sometime in the near future but I'll believe it when I see it.

As for cooking, I lucked out and didn't have to do too much.

LMAO!!! I hear you re: cooking stuff. As much as I love my "other" family (and I did get some great pressy's too) the over-abundance of bake-ware had me going, HUH?
Not that I can't cook or don't enjoy baking but...."Hi remember that baby you just saw me give birth to 7 months ago????"
That leaves TONS of time to bake. LOL


The only thing a guy could be telling me with a stack of culinary paraphernalia is that his ass plans to cook me a damn dinner!

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