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First off, please read this post at The Martian Anthropologist. I think it adequately documents how I want to move my life this year.

I was thinking about resolutions a lot the past few days. I don't usually make them, since I fervently believe that change is made conciously at any time. Telling people won't make it happen.

I also know that I will be trying each and everyday this year to
  • Lose a little baby weight. This requires total changes to my lifestyle and habits. I know I can do it, so I will.
  • Be a better person. I say this one every year. So this time, I'm going to remember every day. Be the person I would want to meet.
  • Teach my children well. Every day. EVERY DAY.

Other than that, I don't "resolve" to do anything. I WILL change my life. I will make it what I want. So I don't LOVE my house. But I like it, and in the middle of July, it feels like I live in the middle of paradise when I look out my back door. So I have a piece of what I want.

Slowly, like the Martian, I develop my world. I wonder what things would be like if we all did?

I'm trying to develop my world too, sending lots of support to you on your journey xx

Very, very admirable.

I honestly hope that everyone who takes it upon themselves to make lifestyle changes actually accomplishes their goal.

Mine? To get my ass BACK in the gym regularly and to start saving money like a genuine adult.

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