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I hate voting.

We vote on Monday. Voting is not for those of us who are naturally predisposed to fence sitting.

I've thought, I've argued, I've pontificated. I've pondered.

I'm no closer to a decision. And I'm even more worried than normal since the idiot voters of this country seem to think a Conservative win is GOOD for us. the polls show them winning.

Think Pat Robertson. Crossed with Satan. Harper has ALWAYS frightened me, as he does most women I've talked to. That whole "Date Rapist" thing.

I'm not voting Liberal, because, well, they're Liberals, I've never voted Liberal, and I've always found them to be cheating jerkoffs, like adulterous spouses or something.

NDP. HAHAHAHAHAHA. You KNOW it's bad when your platform is "Vote NDP-you have a third option!" I haven't the faintest idea what their actual platform is, but I'm sure it's the usual, "throw money and hope it goes away" story.

Green Party. My likely choice, more out of elimination than anything. I think our local representative is ineffective, and as a party, the Greens are still "green" and aren't in a position to be a good government, but I agree with many aspect of their platform, and it's the choice that doesn't give me diarhhea.

Labour: Not a clue. Saw the guy talk on the debate. Sounded a little uniony for me.

And sadly, no communist party candidates.

I am very much a proponant of getting out to exercise your voice on Monday, since you can't bitch if you don't vote. However, I do also recognize that with each election, it seems more and more futile.

What's a girl to do....

Wow. I love that description of Stephen Harper. That is beautiful.

Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

Now as for voting, I know, it's a hard call this time out. I did the whole advanced poll thing and wound up voting NDP. I know how you feel about Layton and he bothers me too, but there was something about our local guy that I kind of liked. And maybe some would disagree, but at least the NDP fought for what they wanted up to a point during the last minority, so since the choice was so hard to make, I thought I'd give them credit for that.

You Canadain have more choices then we do in the United States. We got basicly two choices Republican or Democrat.
I heard don't know if it's true or not. The meaning of conservative and liberal is just oppisite in the united states.
I don't know if your think of the same Pat Robertson we have down in the states, The preacher one? If it is he beyond nuts.

Oh that is totally the one I envisioned when she said what she said...I think that's the one she's thinking of.

Nope, the terms liberal and conservative mean the same thing in both countries. And the Pat Robertson she wrote about is the same one. That guy is a terminal douchebag.

By the way, I truly do feel for you all in America. I know you've got only 2 basic choices, and it seems to me that picking one of those choices would be kind of like choosing between being poked in the eyes with a stick or having the stick shoved up your ass. You won't have to do both,but you still have to do one and neither option sounds all that great.

Actually, I think we may have a marxist in the mix. I'll have to check the papers again.

Where I live we've got both a Marxist candidate and a Communist. Neither one of them will win, but we have them.

I want a Marxist candidate too!! Oh, how I miss living in Southern Ontario!!

It's 9AM on election day, and I'm STILL dithering....although Steve has given me a little more direction towards the NDP.

I just don't know.

Jebus, voting IS much harder in your country. Here it's so much simpler: evil bastards and evil bastards lite.

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