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Nice things on Mondays

I'm trying this new thing in my life called "BEING POSITIVE" This may or may not work since being an arsehole is SOOOO much more fun. BUT, since I'd like people to be nicer, I need to start with me, right?

So do something nice today. Bastards. (I mean YOU Owl...)

Idea courtesy of Happy News and Do One Nice Thing.

Why does it feel so boring to be nice? That seems silly...

"This seems SILLY??" HAHAHAHA!!!!

Hey, you're nice enough to comment on my blog. And for that, you should be proud of yourself. :)

I bought the beer after work since my friend was broke. Nice, eh?

Nice? Well I brush my teeth. And? What the hell more could anyone want?

dude, I ALWAYS forget to brush my teeth. It's rather gross actually.

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