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Dear Neighbour.

Thank you ever so much for waking me up last night. I really hadn't been enjoying the first good night of rest I've had for awhile, especially after being up all night the previous evening with a screaming toddler. I really didn't go to bed early to try and catch up on my sleep or anything, really. I wanted to be woken from a dead sleep listening to you ever so slowly blowing the snow from the corners of your driveway. I understand that what you snowblowed the other night cannot possibly be big enough for your gigantic "minivan", let alone your head.

I appreciate this loud, obnoxious noise at 10:30pm on a Tuesday night as much as I appreciate you and your lovely wife not believing our children are good enough to interact with your children. I mean, really, we wouldn't want children playing together now would we. I can see however, how us not letting our children have TV's and X-Boxes in their bedrooms would put a bit of a damper on the relationship. We simply enjoy interacting with our children too much, and so, we see the potential for conflict.

And on the topic of children, have I mentioned how I truly adore it when my eldest daughter begins having nightmares from the sound of your truly outstanding gas snowblower? I mean, there aren't enough purely irritating car noises on any given night, what with the pimped up Honda Civics that speed down the road. What is a neighbourhood at night without 30 minutes of gas motor. Hey! Why not get yourself a giant Diesel truck and run that too! Then she can have night terrors just like last year when you were outside every night! But then, if I spent $2000 on a machine to clear a driveway because I'm to lazy to do it myself, then I guess I'd run it all the time too.

And I guess that your toddler must be use to obnoxious noise with blatant disregard for those around the area, since you obviously didn't think it would bother her. You must be so proud to be such an upstanding, considerate person!

Please enjoy this small token of my affection, and remember to stamp FIRMLY with your foot, or the flaming dog poop just might keep on flaming up those lovely Land's End pants.


It didn't wake their kids because they were up playing X Box....
Where the hell were they when you were shovelling and falling down??? Next time, yell out the window "While you're at it and since you woke me... Come widen my driveway too.." Argh...

Bloody inconsiderate neighbours!

Wow. Sounds like your neighbours should get together with my neighbours. Mine doesn't have a gas snowblower, but she smokes plenty of ciggies in her house, and the smell passes into my apartment, and she likes to slam the door so hard it rattles mine, and she is up at all hours of the night with her crazy friends!

Our neighbours have been noisy and inconsiderate too. The funny thing is, they've had the house up for sale and they've been much better most of the past few months. Now they've sold it, and god knows who's going to move in.

Sorry about your neighbour. I know it's frustrating. What the hell can you do?

Oh PLEASE tell me that you really left them a little gift this morning...!!!!

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Some neighbor are pain in the ass. One of our neighbors use to concider us "those people down the road" In general we have good neighbors.

Cunts. What the hell are you doing living in NB anyway? Move to BC - no snow just perpetual rain.


dude, you have NO idea...if I had the money and a job elsewhere, we'd be there....

people here are dumber than anywhere I've ever been...last night we witnessed two people running across the street, on a red light, who then yelled at the driver who honked to tell them to move out of the way...


I'd leave a comment on how much this pissed me off too, but apparently I'm too useless for that.

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