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Does this make any sense?

Apparently, fraud deserves more punishment than say, rape or child abuse. How many times do we read or hear about someone abusing their child getting 6 months probation.

Apparently, a real jail sentance requires putting a severed finger in food.

Anna Ayala got nine years. Her husband, Jaime, over 12 years. Apparently, a senior VP at Wendy's asked the judge to "send a message that consumer fraud is a serious crime that demands a severe penalty.

So they've been used to set an example. I see. We don't want anyone trying THAT trick again. Oh, and they've been ordered to pay 21 million in restitution to Wendy's.

Remember that poor little girl that police all over the world were looking for due to the disgusting pornography they found on the internet? Her "father", Matthew Mancuso, received 15 years on federal pornography charges prior to the charges regarding raping his daughter. Apparently, attempting to defraud a company is almost as serious as child porn.

What's wrong with this picture?

12 years?

Total madness!

At times I have trouble figuring out why our laws are. I know people who got caught with a little pot no other crime and got send to prision.
In Idaho it use to be if you got caught more then onuce of pot your dangerous felony. In the same class as murder and child molester.

Due to the publicity, the company was forced to lay of 100's of people. This means thousands were directly effected by this stunt. Defrauding a company IS serious business and deserves very harsh sentencing. Why would you waste being so indignant over this? If you want to make an arguement that pornographers and rapists need harsher sentences, I'm right with you. But, these jerks got what was coming to them.

Sure it's a serious thing, but when you stop and consider that rapists and murderers sometimes get lighter sentences for far worse, it's absolutely stupid and ridiculous.

Apparently stealing somebody's childhood is a LOT less heinous than ripping off The Man. Because The Man will get his shit BACK.

And you can be sure that you'll feel the business end of his wrath stick before it's all over. He's got WAY too many cronies working in the criminal justice system to believe otherwise.

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Nehring, as someone who had the joy of being photographed repeatedly by a pedophile when she was a young girl, I can tell you that there is a VAST difference between destroying a child's sexuality, self confidence and future than defrauding a company.

Yes, defrauding a company is a terrible thing. Yes, they should get it stuck to them. But as someone else said : THEY WILL GET THE MONEY BACK. AND it's great publicity for them. 21 million in restitution? What will Mischa, or anyone like her get for restitution? NOTHING.

My point of "indignation" is that priorities are MESSED UP if both crimes are considered on a similar scale. I also believe that any pedophile should be chemically castrated, and that fraud cases should be given the ultimate indignity: working a shit job to pay off what they stole/tried to steal. Make the punishment FIT the crime.
And LAST time I checked, Wendy's, and their subsidiaries were doing fine. MANY companies have been doing massive layoff's this past year, which has nothing to do with anything other than a changing market, and oversaturation.

But yes, I think the asscraps did deserve what they got on some level. Stupidity should be rewarded.

RANT OVER. I'm sorry, but I've lived this shit to a degree, and I know what truly has value. I'd rather someone try to rip me off than ever abuse me sexually again. I can get more money.

Peppylady: Don't even get me started on drug laws. While I believe that "soft" (I hate that term) drugs should be decriminalized, I believe government "drug war" focus should be on harder drugs-but you know what? That would involve other governments, some of which might be friends.

I find that people cannot think rationally about reproductive rights or drugs, and it leads to stupid, ineffective wasteful laws. I'd prefer alcohol be illegal, but we saw how that turned out.

Great. I'm in a ranting mood today.

I just want you to know that I completely hear what you're saying, thordora. The UK legal system is just as wrong on these issues too.

big business tends to get exactly what it ask for. so. not. fair.

I hear you, Thordora, it is beyond words xx

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